Keys and Building Access


Physical Plant maintains all door hardware at the University, including locks and keys. If you require a key, the request should be made through your Departmental Key Coordinator.

Key Approval Forms may be scanned by all Departmental Key Coordinators (at all campuses) to:

Card Access:

Physical Plant also administers the University of Manitoba card access system, which affords access to some areas via staff or student card, allows door locking and unlocking on a predetermined schedule, and provides an audit trail of card swipes.

Requests for new card readers may be submitted to Physical Plant on a Project Request form, complete with departmental FOAP.

Requests for general information, card encoding, programming, schedule changes, reports, or repairs, as well as scanned Card Approval Forms, may be submitted to: (for Fort Garry requests), or (for Bannatyne or William Norrie Centre requests)


Contractors requiring building access are to make arrangements with the Physical Plant Project Coordinator who is responsible for the project.

Policies and Procedures:

For information regarding building access policies and procedures, including a detailed description of the role of the Departmental Key/Card Coordinator, please refer to the University Building Access Control Policy and Procedures.

Contact Us: 

Building Access Coordinator - FG: Kyle Cook 204-960-8693
Key Access Coordinator:  Steven Thiessen   204-474-7088 
Building Access Coordinator - BC: Colin Wootton 204-789-3649