Request a Service
Campus planning, design, construction, and operations are integral services to the University campuses. Below is a list and brief description of services essential to the campus community and infrastructure.

Project Request

Architectural and Engineering Services (AES) oversees all new projects on campus. New projects are defined as work that will require architectural, mechanical, or electrical design to facilitate renovations and construction. Project requests can be made by submitting a completed Project Request Form*.

*Please be advised that as of February 15, 2019, only emails sent to will be accepted for project requests.

Maintenance Request

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of campus infrastructure. Maintenance items include general repairs, caretaking services, and moving/delivery services. Maintenance requests can be placed on O&M's online Maintenance Request system following NEW Maintenance Request Instructions. 

Building Access Request

O&M oversees all camps building access. To request key or card access to a given space, please have your departmental key/card coordinator complete a Key Approval form or Card Access Approval form.


Space Request

The Campus Planning Office (CPO) manages space resources on campus to ensure the efficient use and allocation of all University spaces. New space request, and any proposed renovations that reconfigure and/or change the function of a space, and requests for divestiture will require the completion of a Project Request Form.