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• The Taché Hall Memory Book is sold out. Thank you to everyone for your support in purchasing this very limited print run of 80 copies. Currently, there are no plans to reprint the book, but we have had requests from folks who missed the first edition. Although it is far more enjoyable to hold a bound book in your hands, we are providing the contents by dividing the book into chapters. Each chapter (decade) has a link to the historical material and another link to the memories submitted by Taché Hall residents and staff.

 ► What's happening to Taché Hall?

This building, now just over 100 years old, is being renovated as part of Project Domino and will become home to teaching, studio, and office spaces for Music and Art.

Here is a draft of changes that are being planned for the future of Taché Hall. Notice that the two gyms, the centre wing, and the east wing will be torn down (as of November 2012 the outside demolition has been completed). From the front of the building, it appears that not much will be altered, other than the large obstruction of the new ArtLab in front of the East entrance. This is unfortunate, as now the wonderful symmetry of this century-old building is disturbed. More information about future plans can be found at the Taché Arts Project website. See floor-by-floor plans at Taché Masterplan.

Tache new


Stuart Olson Dominion has been appointed construction manager for the Tache Hall Music, Art and Theatre Complex for the University of Manitoba. The $60 million project will be a 200,000 square-foot complex.

The scope includes the renovation of 100 year old Tache Hall, a four-storey, 130,000 sq. ft., building. It also includes the demolition of the interior Tache Hall wings and gymnasiums, and construction of a new two-storey, 90,000 sq. ft. addition on Tache Hall’s south-west side. The addition will accommodate an auditorium and music rehearsals.

Construction is expected to start in October and wrap up in September, 2015. The project is aiming to attain LEED Silver certification.

What does Taché Hall look like now? The hoarding fence is up around the building and most of the windows have been replaced with a single pane (windows can no longer be opened). The new Pembina Hall Residence rises from behind with a magnificent view of the city to the north and the river to the south. The West Gym, the east wing of West, the west wing of East, and the East Gym have all been demolished (see photos on the Taché Hall Facebook page). The back of Taché Hall is now completely down and is being prepared for the construction of the new Auditorium and Music Annex (see rendering in yellow).

August 14, 2014 - In the next week, some of the changes to the inside of the building will be posted on the Facebook page - removal of the wonderful marble staircases, the changes to the Auditorium and to the front entrance to Centre Block, repurposing of the stained glass windows in the Oak Room, etc. Please join the Taché Hall Facebook group and have a look see.

Tache Hall under construction


 ► Other items of interest:


  • May 2007 - Excerpts of an oral history interview conducted by University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections Head Archivist, Dr. Shelley Sweeney, with former Professor of Animal Science and Professor Emeritus, Dr. Peter Kondra.

The Manitoban

The Bulletin


  •  Article in the OnManitoba about Marshall Gysi's book U of M Prairie Chicken - December 2004. Dr. Gysi has given us permission to add parts of his book to our History of Taché Hall project. Please see his stories in the Memories of the 1950s section on the right side panel.

The Winnipeg Free Press


  • New development on campus with President Barnard in 2011. The information about Taché Hall is about 3 minutes into the video
  • In 2009, the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections played host to “A College Christmas.” The Archives wanted to replicate a few of the winter recreational activities experienced by a University of Manitoba student in Residence during the first half of the twentieth century. The AMA received permission to play a game of floor hockey in the historic East Gymnasium of Taché Hall.
    Video: Clash of the Titans: The AMA Holiday Hockey Challenge
  • Taché Hall - Archives & Special Collections Building Histories
  • Dietitians - When the Dormitory (Taché Hall) opened to students in 1912-3, it accommodated two-hundred women and almost four-hundred men. The university dietitian was responsible for the nutrition of the Residents and was generally aided in this task by an assistant dietitian.