Personal Computer Procurement Program (PCPP)

Link to Standard Systems Catalogue

The PCPP is designed to facilitate the purchasing of computers, notebooks and tablets for UM faculty and staff. The program includes consultation, order, delivery and asset ticketing.

PCPP is responsible for all desktop and laptop computer purchases for the university

Computers on Campus works closely with IST Planning and Governance, IST Engagement Services, and Purchasing to provide coordinated and trusted services you can rely on for your computer purchase.

Benefits of the Standard Products are:

  • Quick and easy to order standard products.
  • 1-2 days for delivery to your deployer of standard products stocked at Computers on Campus.
  • Enhanced support, security and ease of deployment using the campus image.
  • Excellent prices for Dell products.


Standard Dell Products and Accessories

This Catalogue will make product selection quick and easy. The most common upgrade options are shown in the Catalogue. Many other upgrades are available for the standard products upon request.
We also provide consultation and custom quotes for Workstations and Mobile Workstations. Just give us a call at 204-474-7000 or send us an EMAIL.

Med IT Catalogue

To Order Custom Dell Configurations, Non-Dell Systems, or Tablets

  • When the Standard Products do not fit your needs, please contact Computers on Campus at the Fort Garry BookStore for a consultation and quote.
  • Our staff will help you fill out the required Exceptions Form for your order
  • NOTE: While Standard Products are in stock, customized orders take three weeks on average to be delivered.

To Order Windows Computers & Accessories
   via EPIC:

  • Create EPIC Purchase Request by searching products in the BookStore Catalogue
  • Attach PC Commissioning Form (PCCF) to your EPIC PO (CLICK HERE for the Form)
  • For custom configurations, attach quotation and PCCF to EPIC PO. Each product requires a separate "non-catalogue" line entry. Consultation and quotations are provided by Computers on Campus (Ph: 204-474-7000 or EMAIL).
  • We will create a Cherwell asset ticket and deployment ticket before delivery so your deployer can coordinate setup with you.

To Order Windows Computers & Accessories
   via FOAP:

  • Contact Computers on Campus by EMAIL or by calling 204-474-7000 to order.
  • We will create a Cherwell ticket for your deployer before delivery so they can coordinate setup with you, and create Cherwell asset entry.

To Order Apple Computers and Accessories

The process for ordering Apple Computers & Accessories can be found HERE.
An FAQ on Apple Computer Equipment procurement can be found HERE.
Information on Apple Computer repairs and service can be found HERE.

To Order Enterprise Equipment

For the purchasing of enterprise equipment (e.g., servers), please contact IT Planning and Governance (Ph: 204-474-8658).

For more information please call us at 204-474-7000 or email

Summary of linked files:
  1. Standard Dell Products and Accessories Catalogue
  2. Med IT Catalogue
  3. Recommended Catalogue for IST-supported Departments and Faculties
  4. PC Commissioning Form (PCCF)
  5. Apple Computer Equipment Procurement and Repair Process
  6. Apple Computer Equipment Purchase and Repair Process FAQs
  7. PCPP Computer Hardware Exception Request Form