Affiliate Members

Dr. Sergio Camorlinga, Applied Computer Sci., University of Winnipeg

CAMORLINGA, Sergio, Associate Professor
Applied Computer Science
University of Winnipeg


RESEARCH INTERESTS: Complex systems in health

WRHA Clinical Engineering Program

RESEARCH INTERESTS:   Systems approach in complex systems, healthcare technology patient oriented research, patient safety, biomedical engineering education, cardiovascular physiology and devices, immunology of blood-biomaterial interactions, in vitro flow models and blood rheology.

Edward Giesbrecht

GIESBRECHT, Edward M., Assistant Professor
College of Rehabilitation Sciences

RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Use of assisted technologies and participation; Wheeled mobility and participation; Effectiveness of wheelchair skills training with older adults.

Dr. Alex Ko

KO, Alex C-T., Adjunct Professor
Home Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering


RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Biophotonics, Non-linear Optical Microscopy, Multiphoton Microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and coherent anti-Stokes Raman Imaging, Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging.

Dr. Colleen Millikin, Asst. Prof., Clinical Health Psychology, Univ. of Manitoba

MILLIKIN, Colleen, Assistant Professor
Home Dept: Clinical Health Psychology


RESEARCH INTERESTS: Differential diagnosis of dementia, nonpharmacological treatment for dementia

Dr. Sepideh Pooyania, Asst. Prof., Internal Medicine, Univ. of Manitoba

POOYANIA, Sepideh, Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine



Dr. Xikui Wang

WANG, Xikui, Professor
Home Dept:  Statistics


RESEARCH INTERESTS:    Biostatistics, Response Adaptive Clinical Trials (Ethics, Statistical Design and Analysis), Sequential Design of Experiments, Bandit Processes, Markov Decision Processes, Mathematical Finance, Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management

Dr. Azadeh Yadollahi

YADOLLAHI, Azadeh, Scientist

Home Dept: Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network, University of Toronto


RESEARCH INTERESTS: Biomedical signal processing, sleep apnea, asthma.