Research Interests

  • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning to solve real-world interdisciplinary problems in the broad areas of Health Care
  • Finance
  • Marketing

Teaching Interests

  • Data analytics
  • Management information systems 

Recent Publications

Yang, X., Joukova, A., Ayanso, A., & Zihayat, M. (2022). Social influence-based contrast language analysis framework for clinical decision support systems. Decision Support Systems, 113813.

Filieri, R., Lin, Z., Li, Y., Lu, X., & Yang, X. (2022). Customer Emotions in Service Robot Encounters: A Hybrid Machine-Human Intelligence Approach. Journal of Service Research, 10946705221103937.

Yang, X., McEwen, R., Ong, L. R., & Zihayat, M. (2020). A big data analytics framework for detecting user-level depression from social networks. International Journal of Information Management, 54, 102141.