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Why this program?

The Asper Executive Education - Seminar Series features unique programs offered exclusively at the James W. Burns Executive Education Centre. Through our network of visiting scholars and subject-matter experts, we present tailored, one-time only programs to meet specific or niche needs.

Learn to develop an effective product design process that captures the voice of the customer and improves brand strength in this one-time only program offered through the Asper Executive Education Seminar Series. How does a company become a leader in product innovation? What tools, processes and strategies do they employ to stay on top of the competition? Leaders face critical decisions about the nature and direction of product development, and this program will answer these and many other important questions that will prepare you to build and manage a product design process that delivers long-term success.

In this unique seminar, you will be introduced to innovation tools, techniques and strategies to create a powerful product design process. You will discover how you can capture the voice of the customer, identify their needs and turn that into a competitive advantage. This seminar will also provide you with the knowledge on how to create and manage high-performing and engaged product development team.


Through this seminar, you will:

  • Evaluate the strategic role of innovation, research and development and their impact on competitive positioning and new product creation
  • Manage the design and implementation of a well-structured process for new product development
  • Examine the basic principles, concepts and tools in the field of product design and development
  • Apply the process of concept generation and selection to reduce the risk of product failure
  • Confidently discuss all aspects of the development phase
  • Design in a way that inspires an emotional connection and embed that in the product concept
  • Discuss the characteristics and application of service, industrial and engineering-design prototypes
  • Identify critical groups in the organization that support new product development initiatives

Who should attend?

  • New Product/Service Design and Development Managers
  • Product, Segment, Service, and Brand Managers
  • Managers and User-experience designers
  • Marketing Directors and Marketing Managers
  • Product/Service/Business Process Design Managers
  • Marketing Research Analysts and Directors
  • Marketing and Strategy Consultants
  • Others who would like an overview and understanding of the processes, techniques, and analytics used in the design, reformulation, and development of products and services


  • Dr. Carlos Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Business Administration & Director of the Center for the Study of Innovation Management CSIM, Delaware State University

    Carlos M. Rodríguez, PhD, is the Associate Professor of Business Administration, and the Director of the Center for the Study of Innovation Management CSIM at Delaware State University. The Center is designed to help address innovation capabilities demands from the manufacture and service industry, economic development offices, regional technology clusters and other stakeholders. More importantly, the Center provides innovation knowledge and leading management insights to support the nurturing of an innovation culture and the management of innovation initiatives at the regional, national, and international levels.

    Dr. Rodriguez is a published author having written Product Design and Innovation: Analytics for Decision Making, a practical, hands-on resource that guides readers through the entire design process and the methodologies applied in industry. “It illustrates the product conceptualization, the design of new products, and product innovation efforts through the application of proven successful methodologies and industry practices to see a project through to launch – while minimizing future commercial risks,” Dr. Rodriguez said. He added that the book has a Human-Centered Product Design Perspective supported in the dimensions of Marketing, Management, and Analytics. “While many books on product management, development, and product marketing exist, they do not explore these techniques and the applications outside the traditional marketing management context,” Dr. Rodriguez said. “The result is a serious lack of understanding for professionals around the world about the design process itself and the tools for product development.” Beginning with concepts and ideas, Dr. Rodríguez provides the analytical and quantitative skills needed to see a project through to launch—while minimizing future commercial risks. Dr. Rodriguez has industry experience as a product marketing manager, design manager, brand manager and advertising director.

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