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Why this program?

In an increasingly connected world, it has become integral for organizations to employ leaders who can skilfully navigate both the opportunities and challenges of diverse work environments. From recruiting new employees to training, developing new business strategies to entering new markets, it is critical for leaders to have the necessary skills to lead in a multicultural environment so that they can create better results faster, and with employees who are motivated and engaged.

You will learn the tools you need to create an environment in your organization that enhances the strengths of diverse cultures, increasing engagement and motivation, and delivering results. You will explore how to effectively manage across cultures and how to best approach common challenges.


Through this program, you will:

  • Understand how to build an organizational culture that embraces a diverse team of employees
  • Learn to identify opportunities and discover common ground for different cultural and personal values and beliefs
  • Explore how to take the unique attributes of your team and leverage on the strengths of diverse cultures and their way of doing business, and how to utilize them to make your organization’s culture attractive, relevant and successful in the Canadian context
  • Understand how to approach and manage common issues and challenges
  • Learn to effectively manage across cultures to create better results faster, with employees who are more motivated and engaged
  • Become a leader who is more confident in your communication and problem-solving approach

Who should attend?

This program is ideal for leaders who want to become better equipped to enhance the strength of diversity in their workplace and develop the skills needed to effectively manage across cultures. 


  • Clayton Harapiak

    Mr. Harapiak is a seasoned professor, corporate trainer and management consultant who’s work covers a broad spectrum of leadership topics. In addition to teaching technology management and business administration, he has instructed and consulted in the areas of International Business Development and Global Marketing, Sales and Innovation. Mr. Harapiak worked and taught in Asia for a number of years where he observed first-hand the value of leadership skills in a cross-cultural environment. He has provided teaching services on Leadership in government, NGO and top-tier Universities and government organizations both at home and abroad.

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