All events to take place in the John A. Russell Building.

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  4:30  Registration opens
  5:00  OPENING RECEPTION | Entr’Acte, Clay Odom, Patterning Temporary Atmospheres

        Welcome by Dean Ralph Stern | Remarks by Symposium Chair Lisa Landrum



  9am  Registration | Coffee

  9:30  Paper Sessions: Dwelling Acts 1       Environmental Acts
  11:00   Paper Sessions: Dwelling Acts 2       Socio-Political Acts

  12:30  LUNCH

      KEYNOTE  1:30  LINDSEY DUGDILL Designing Buildings for Behavioural ‘Nudging’:
                       The Public Health Imperative for an Active Workforce

                       The potential for incorporating building design characteristics capable of changing user
                       behaviour has long been recognized. A current global health challenge is the
                       substantial burden of chronic disease that arises from people being sedentary: obesity,
                       cancer, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. A significant proportion of time is spent at
                       work; therefore, the ability to modify users’ physical activity in the workplace is
                       paramount. The term “nudging” has revitalized the debate regarding how the
                       environment can influence behaviour in relation to health. This paper, developed in
                       collaboration with Paul Wilson and Edward Finch, explores the principle of “nudging”
                       as a building design strategy for stimulating active user behaviour.


                 3:00  Paper Session: Building Acts
                 5:00  Break | RECEPTION | Entr’Acte, Paola Zellner, Reclaiming Space

      KEYNOTE   6:00ANDREW TODD Action, Energy, Performance, Ecology: Notes on a New Functionalism
                 7:30  Ice Bar, Courtyard
                 8:00  DINNER, Centre Space


                 9am  Registration | Coffee

      KEYNOTE   9:30  KANTEN RUSSELL Launching Into Action: Creating the Modern

                                       Playground for Action Sports

  11:00  Paper Session: Representational Acts
  12:30  LUNCH | Entr’Acte, Lawrence Bird, Winnipeg on the Edge of Coherence

  1:30  Paper Session: Research in Action 1

  3:00  Paper Session: Research in Action 2
               4:30  Break | Entr’Acte, JNZNBRK, Screen

                      Cash Bar

      KEYNOTE   6:00  MICHAEL VAN GESSEL Action: Transforming the Present
                      Remarks by Symposium Chair Lisa Landrum | Closing comments by Dean Ralph Stern
                 7:30  CLOSING RECEPTION

The 2014 Atmosphere Committee consists of: Lisa Landrum, Chair (Architecture), Rae Bridgman (City Planning), Alyssa Schwann (Environmental Design), Lynn Chalmers (Interior Design), Marcella Eaton (Landscape Architecture); with web design and graphics support from Thalia Andreoglou (Masters of Architecture student), and administrative support from Brandy O’Reilly (Faculty of Architecture, Partners Program).


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Aspects of Atmosphere 2014 ACTION are being presented in collaboration with StoreFront Manitoba and aceartinc.