entr'acte |ˈänˌtrakt; änˈtrakt |
an interval between two acts of a play or opera.
• a piece of music or a dance performed during such an interval.


Winnipeg: On the Edge of Coherence
LAWRENCE BIRD, Architect, Urban Designer (Winnipeg)

KYLE JANZEN & CHRIS BURKE, JNZNBRK & University of Manitoba

Patterning Temporary Atmospheres: Temporary Installation
CLAY ODOM, University of Texas School of Architecture



This installation creates a temporary version of the work, Tesseract3.0, a research project originally created in collaboration with Austin-based artists Sean O’Neill and Adam Owens for the New Media Art and Sound Summit held at the Salvage Vanguard Theater in Austin, Texas in 2013. Tesseract3.0 expresses how maximum effects may be produced through a systemized collaboration between material, form, light, and sound. The conceptual framework of the project, considered initially in response to constraints of budget and time while leveraging qualities and potentials of an existing interior space, was developed through logics of patterning tactical operational deployment methods and material-technical systems. This allows for the exploitation of feedback loops between inherent material qualities and localized points of control that ultimately create emergent effects.


The basic system incorporates silver mylar sheets, programmed oscillating fans, a document camera, low-frequency speakers, a projector, webcam, and laptop computer. This set-up will use sound to generate a simple Chladni Pattern in a liquid that will be picked up at a small scale using a document camera with a macro zoom. This image will be projected onto draped mylar that is agitated using programmed oscillating fans. The mylar captures, manipulates and reflects these projections. The webcam is then placed at a proximity to the image projections and used to capture the variegated and changing patterns. Using motion tracking to detect movement of projected light, this image data is subsequently reconstituted digitally and replayed as sound.



Reclaiming Space: Between the Pyramid and the Labyrinth
PAOLA ZELLNER and NIKOLE BRANCH, Virginia Tech, School of Architecture + Design


The 2014 Atmosphere Committee consists of: Lisa Landrum, Chair (Architecture), Rae Bridgman (City Planning), Alyssa Schwann (Environmental Design), Lynn Chalmers (Interior Design), Marcella Eaton (Landscape Architecture); with web design and graphics support from Thalia Andreoglou (Masters of Architecture student), and administrative support from Brandy O’Reilly (Faculty of Architecture, Partners Program).


Questions? Please contact Lisa.Landrum@umanitoba.ca


Atmosphere is generously supported by the Faculty of Architecture Endowment Fund and the following professional associations: the Manitoba Association of Architects (MAA); the Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects (MALA); and the Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba (PIDIM).                  


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