Show and tell your story! Pitch your research project in a pre-recorded video, telling us about your research and how it can potentially benefit farmers and the sustainability of Canadian agriculture in three minutes!

Submissions must fit within the conference theme:

Sustainable food production systems: Exploring new and traditional knowledge.

Video entries will be showcased on the conference website and select entries will be chosen for special showing/Q & A session each day of the conference. Those students whose video will be featured during the conference are required to take part in a live Q & A session following the showings.

Be creative! Cash prizes will be awarded to the videos selected by our judges plus conference attendees will select the winning video for a People’s Choice award!

Congratulations to our 2023 contest winners!

Recipients of the National Centre for Livestock and the Environment graduate student video competition awards, click the name to view the video:

  1. Michael Killewald
  2. Breanne Semenko
  3. Nancydeep Kaur

Recipient of the People's Choice award:

  • Breanne Semenko

2022 contest winners

Click the name to view the award winning video

  1. Emily Laage
  2. Crystal Almdal
  3. Sharandeep Singh

Recipient of the People's Choice award:

Contest videos

Chamali Kodikara, MSc in Food Science, University of Manitoba

Metabolomics assisted investigation of bioactive compounds in prairie berries as a functional food

Nancydeep Kaur, MSc in Food Science, University of Manitoba

Understanding the impact of the levels of α-amylase on wheat flour functionality and breadmaking

Michael Killewald, PhD in Entomology, University of Manitoba

Using floral strips adjacent to Manitoba crops to increase the abundances of beneficial insects

Carla Navarro Molina, PhD in Food Science, University of Manitoba

Social media analysis as a new tool to develop functional and sustainable food products

Breanne Semenko, MSc in Food and Human Nutritional Sciences, University of Manitoba

Smart farm technology to address sustainable fresh food production for health inequities in Northern Manitoba