Poultry Research Unit

The Poultry Research Unit is located on the University of Manitoba Fort Garry campus about 500 m west of the Animal Science building. This facility was constructed in 1976 and replaced two barns which were located on the current premises of the Freshwater Institute. The facility is operated by the Department of Animal Science with financial support from Manitoba Egg Farmers and the University of Manitoba.

The research farm consists of two barns. Poultry house no.1 is a broiler facility which is divided into two equal halves of 32 floor pens each. Each floor pen can house 60 to 80 young broilers with a maximum of 2560 birds per barn side. The second barn houses 4200 laying hens in conventional and enriched cages and a small breeding flock (135 hens and 12 roosters) for the supply of fertile eggs for research.

Research in the poultry unit focuses mainly in the areas of nutrition, metabolism, caging systems and immunology.

Animal Care staff:
Jason Bourcier - Unit Supervisor

Telephone: (204) 297-7217