Document CHECK LIST for application to the ABORIGINAL category

Check list:

___ Application Form and Fee

Due: November 1, 2011
The application is not submitted until the payment is received.
If we can help you with the online application form, please call Admissions office at 474-8817

___ Transcripts (TWO copies)

Due: November 30, 2011
INCLUDING transcripts from Exchange, Transfer, Letter of Permission and Colleges. If applicants wish to have their IB or AP courses used in their CGPA these transcripts are also required.

If you are currently in studies your transcript should show the courses that you are currently registered in.*

University of Manitoba students do not submit University of Manitoba transcripts.
*Note: Final transcripts showing final grades for courses taken from Sept 2011-April 2012 will be due June 15, 2012.  

Send the above documents to:

Admissions for Law
Enrolment Services
424 University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2


Check list for Additional Documents:

___ Personal Statement

Due: November 30, 2011
The personal statement should be 1500 words or less, double spaced. The statement should be written as an argument for yourself as to what unique qualities or experience you can bring to the Law program.  

___ Resume

Due: November 30, 2011
The resume should highlight work, volunteer and education experience. Maximum length is two (2) pages on 8 ½ x 11 single sided paper.  

___ Three (3) Referee Cover Forms with Letters attached

Due: November 30, 2011
Applicants must submit three (3) Referee Cover Forms attached to the reference letters. The form and letter must be sent by the Referee in a signed and sealed envelope. Referees should be selected to support the personal statement.  


Send the above documents to:

Attn: Student Services Coordinator
Robson Hall/Faculty of Law
201 Robson Hall
The University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2


Check list for online forms:

___ Half Time Questionnaire

Due: November 30, 2011
Applicants who want to apply to the Half time Law program must fill in the Half Time Questionnaire at  

___ Entrance Awards Application Form

Due: November 1, 2011
Applicants who have completed 60 credit hours (two full years) of university degree level study by November 1, 2011 and who have an LSAT written by October 2011 may wish to fill in the Entrance Awards Application form at Questions regarding suitability for awards can be directed to  

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