Document CHECK LIST for application to Dentistry Aboriginal category

Check list:

___ Application Form, Supplemental Application Form and Fee

Due: January 20, 2012
The application is not considered submitted until the Application, Supplemental Application Form AND payment is received.  

___ Transcripts (TWO copies)

Due: February 13, 2012

Transcripts must be OFFICIAL.  This INCLUDES transcripts from Exchange, Transfer, Letter of Permission and Colleges.   If applicants wish to have their IB or AP courses used in their CGPA these transcripts are also required.

Transcripts can be sent by the institution or by the student if they are official and in the original envelope.

If you are currently in studies your transcript should show the courses that you are currently registered in.*

University of Manitoba students do not submit University of Manitoba transcripts.

*Note:  Final transcripts showing final grades for courses taken from Sept 2011-April 2012 will be due June 4, 2012.

___ DAT Due: February 13, 2012
Official DAT scores are requested by the student from CDA and sent to us directly by the CDA.  Please ensure that all the DAT sittings you have listed on your application are sent (List only the sittings you would like to release.)  If you are granted an interview you may use the February 2012 DAT.  This score will need to be released to us as soon as it is available.  
___ Autobiographical Sketch Due: February 13, 2012
The Autobiographical Sketch should not exceed 800 words.  It should include the specific reasons why you merit consideration in this category (i.e. connection to the Aboriginal community, related studies, work experience, volunteerism, life experiences, and personal attributes).  If you have applied to the Aboriginal category previously your sketch should also include what you have done to improve your application. (ie advancement in qualities, experiences and attributes that pertain to this category).  

Please note: NO Reference letters are required or reviewed.

Send the above documents to:

Admissions for Dentistry
Enrolment Services
424 University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2


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