Past Events


            The power of one: what’s my responsibility as a global citizen? - Video


           Are Black Canadians Equitably Represented in Positions of Power and Influence?


           What Does An Accessible Manitoba Look Like? 
           Reconciliation: What Needs to Happen Next? - Video


What more can Manitoba’s “most powerful” do to open the door to diversity? - Video
Is the end of HIV in sight? - Video
Has Manitoba put the right value on post-secondary education? - Video
Refugees - Are We Getting It Right? - Video
Are we becoming a society of liars, cheats, bullies and thieves? - Video


Free Expression: Who Pays the Price? - Video
Giving the Red Light the Green Light: Would Legalizing Prostitution Change Canada? - Video
A Culture of Conflict: What Have We Learned About War? - Video
Popular Science: Has Innovation Caught Up With Imagination? - Video
Are You Happy Now? The Pursuit of Happiness in the Modern Age Video
Universities Today: Where Do Centuries-Old Institutions Fit in Modern Society? - Video


Welcome to Winnipeg! Population 1,000,000: How Did We Get Here And Where Are We Heading? - Video
Sticks and Stones: Are We a Society of Bullies? - Video
Freedom from Religion: Is Government going too far in the Secularization of Society? - Video
Who Gets Fed First? Global Population Boom: Nine Billion Mouths to Feed - Video
What have we Learned from Mandela? Race and Ethnic Relations Around the World and Here at Home - Video
The Evolution of The Rights Culture: Should we Have The Right to Die? - Video


The Food We Eat - Video
Gender Equality: Fact or Fiction - Video
Water: Too Much? Too Little? Two Lakes - Video
Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful - Video
Our Aging Society - Video
Livable Cities, 21st Century Perspectives - Video
Apocalypse or Utopia? - Video


We Need to Talk about Racism - Video
Innovation: The Key to Economic Success- Video
The True North: Canada's Final Frontier - Video
Trailblazing Indigenous Success - Video
The New West: The Economical and Political Rise of Western Canada - Video
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Does the Rise of China mean the Decline of the West? - Video
The Arts: Foundation of a Vibrant Community - Video
Global Pandemic: Another Y2K or Future Apocalypse? - Video
Our Education System: The Good, The Bad, and The Solutions - Video

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