Engaging Community

President and Vice Chancellor, Dr. David Barnard

At the University of Manitoba, we believe our faculty, students and staff are visionaries, innovators, pioneers and trailblazers. They are deeply committed to community engagement – partnering and collaborating with others to make our city, our province, and the world better places to live, work and play.

Meaningful community engagement allows us to better understand critical needs and to assist in the development and implementation of innovative solutions. As you navigate this site, you will find many examples of University of Manitoba collaborations and partnerships making a real difference in the lives of people here at home and around the world.

Today, our researchers are engaged in international partnerships to improve health care in places like Colombia, India and Costa Rica. Environmental researchers take Canadian high school students into the Arctic to experience the effects of climate change first hand. Closer to home, students and staff are working alongside community partners to counter the devastating effects of poverty and to discover new ways to connect with vulnerable youth. These relationships serve as avenues for the broader community to shape and share in our story, a story built on the strength of people.

I encourage you to explore this site and discover the stories of those who demonstrate that from here, we can go anywhere. I believe they will excite and inspire you to create your own story of positive change.


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At the University of Manitoba, our strength lies in our people—they are the trailblazers who make a real-world impact. Let’s celebrate their efforts and those of their community partners. Together, we can shape the world.

Your support has the power to make a difference. Working together, we will make a positive and lasting impact within and beyond our borders. Your generosity will help us and the many communities we work with to succeed.

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