About Smartpark Research Park

The University of Manitoba’s Smartpark has the mandate to develop a designated 100 acres of university land as Smartpark Research and Technology Park. Smartpark's vision is “Building a Community of Innovators” on the doorstep of the University of Manitoba. It's mission is developing land and space for lease to research and technology companies and organizations involved in the following broad research areas that coincide with research expertise at the University:

  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Engineering and Advanced Materials
  • Health and Biotechnology
  • Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences

Research-intensive universities and their respective communities worldwide are developing research and technology parks. The parks:

  • Facilitate university-industry research collaborations and innovation,
  • Create high-tech clusters that potentially attract similar companies to the region, and
  • Nurture an environment and culture that assist in retaining highly skilled students and researchers in the region instead of moving elsewhere for opportunities – in our case, away from Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Smartpark opened its first facility in 2002.  Today, it is home to 18 tenants employing 1,200 people in 9 buildings comprising 415,000 square feet of research facilities across the park.
Also home to North Forge Technology Exchange: Smartpark’s incubator is dedicated to advancing business incubation by supporting the growth of early-stage technology companies.