New Worker General Orientation


Welcome to the University of Manitoba. The Province of Manitoba requires that all new workers, either new to the University, or new to a particular workplace at the University receive a health and safety orientation. This is intended to ensure workers are aware of how to deal with safety issues and should minimize the risk of injury to you as a worker as well as others in your workplace.

The Province requires documentation that you have received and understood this training. To do this, you must complete the New Worker General Orientation test which is a short, online multiple-choice test. You can take the test as many times as  required but you must get a score of 70% to PASS the test in order to complete the training

Environmental Health and Safety also provides resources to new and current workers on a variety of safety and health topics.  There is also a reference list that provides links to legislation, University Health and Safety policies and procedures, and other useful resources.

If you encounter any difficulty accessing resources or taking the required test, please contact EHS at 204-474-6633 or by e-mail at

Steps to Complete the New Worker General Orientation Training

The two steps must be followed in order to complete the training and obtain a certificate of completion:

1.  Read the New Worker General Orientation presentation by clicking on the link below or arrange to have an in-class presentation for large groups by e-mailing 

New Worker General Orientation Presentation 

2.  Complete the test by logging into UM Learn through the link below.  You will need to enroll in the course through the "Self Registration" tab.  See the instructions below the link.

UM Learn   

Instructions to Access Test in UM Learn

  1. Login to UM Learn using your UMNetID and password.
    • For personnel who are not eligible to claim a UMNetID (i.e. a volunteer, contract worker, visiting academic, or sessional who is engaged or supported by your department but who is not currently a U of M employee), go to this page and complete the "Individual Sponsored Account" form. We suggest submitting the form at least 2 weeks before the person's start date so that the account is ready to use.
    • For personnel who previously had access with their UMNetID, go to this page and complete the "Individual Sponsored Account" form to reactivate your account for UMLearn.
  2. On the main page, click on "Self Registration" and find "New Worker General Orientation" in the Course Offering Name list.
  3. Click on “New Worker General Orientation” and complete the registration process.
  4. You need a score of 70% to pass the test and complete the training. Upon successful completion, a certificate will be generated that you save as a PDF and print. This certificate can be submitted as proof. *NOTE: the system will take 5 minutes after the quiz has been completed for the certificate to become available.
  5. The certificate can be accessed at any time (see *NOTE above) under Assessments > Awards.