WHMIS Program

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is Canada’s hazard communication system.  In 1988, WHMIS was developed to provide workers with information on the safe use, storage, production, or handling of hazardous products in the workplace. 

There are three main components to WHMIS:

  • Labels
  • Training 
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Labelling Information

All hazardous products require adequate labelling to inform workers of the hazards associated with the materials they are working with. If you are working with hazardous products that have lost their supplier label, have been transferred into a secondary container, or synthesized a hazardous product, you can use the following labels to affix to your containers.

WHMIS Workplace Avery Label 

GHS Pictogram Signage 

Training Materials (WHMIS Training on UMLearn)

Staff and students using, handling and storing hazardous products must be trained in WHMIS 2015.

Those working with hazardous products must receive training to ensure competency in handling these materials.

To access and complete WHMIS training at the University of Manitoba, visit our WHMIS Training webpage.

SDS (formerly MSDS) Information

SD sheets provide information with regard to the handling, storage, first aid measures etc. associated with a particular hazardous product. SD sheets must be readily accessible by those working with the material. There are a variety of online sources that provide access to up-to-date SD sheets.

Government of Canada SDS Resource
Fisher Scientific
Sigma Aldrich
Public Health Agency of Canada 
Pathogen Safety Data Sheets
Other SDS resources