Resource Planning

Resource Planning Process for 2019-2020 Budget

A process and timeline have been developed for submission and review of planning documents to support the budgeting process of academic units for 2019-2020.  If there are any subsequent changes to the process, these will be posted on this site and circulated to those responsible for submissions.

Deans and the Director of the School of Art have been invited to submit plans for 2019-2020 using a format prescribed in the template document found on the right-hand column of this page.

Unit plans that support Taking Our Place: University of Manitoba Strategic Plan 2015-2020 are critical to achieving the University's institutional priorities. Through thoughtful planning, continued engagement and collaborative effects, we will collectively strive to achieve our vision while ensuring maximum benefit from our resources.

For more information on the process and related submission deadlines, please refer to the June 22nd  Memorandum from Dr. Janice Ristock, Provost and Vice-President (Academic) and Ms. Lynn Zapshala-Kelln, Vice-President (Administration) and the July 26th Memorandum from Dr. David Collins, Vice-Provost (Integrated Planning and Academic Programs).