Annual Community Engagement Awards

Each year, the University of Manitoba honours both support and academic staff who have been active in community engagement activities, particularly during the previous year, through presentation of sterling silver pins bearing the outreach logo.  An annual reception is held in late fall to recognize the winners.


Suggestions for nominations are to be sent to the appropriate Dean or Director, or the appropriate Vice-President (Administration, External or Research) for consideration.  Please remember that community engagement is defined as activities above and beyond what an individual does as an employee of the University. 

Deans/Directors/VPs will consider all suggested individuals from their unit in consultation with a suitable number of colleagues. While there are no restrictions with respect to nominating a previous recipient again, the case for doing so should be based on outreach activities undertaken since the previous award.  Heads of larger units may wish to nominate more than one person, although this should normally be done only for exceptional reasons.  It is not anticipated that every unit will nominate each year.

Deans, Directors, and Vice-Presidents are to send their nomination(s), using the nomination form, to the Chair of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Outreach, Dr. Diane Hiebert-Murphy, by Friday, February 22, 2021.

2020-21 Nomination Form

2020-21 Letter from President Michael Benarroch

Guideline for Identifying Community Engagement Activities

"The Committee identifies the general purpose of community engagement as being:

'to enlarge and enrich the contacts between the University and all segments of the community'

by such means as:

  • increasing access to the existing programs of the University,
  • extending the nature and range of the programs and services it offers,
  • sharing more effectively with the community the resources of the University, and
  • drawing on the talent, experience and resources within the community."
Report of the Presidential Advisory Committee for University Outreach,
January 30, 1978


For more information, please contact Norm Delos Reyes, Assistant to the Vice-Provost (Academic Affairs) at