University Rankings
  1. Times Higher Education (THE)
  2. Ruesters' Ranking of the World's Most Innovative Universities
  3. Maclean's University Rankings
  4. Research Infosource - Canada's Top 50 Research Universities

World Rankings

1. Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings

Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings is an annual publication of university rankings by Times Higher Education (THE), a weekly British magazine. The 2020 ranking survey included almost 1,400 universities from across the world. The University of Manitoba currently places in the top third of all universities ranked.

THE World University Rankings (2020):!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats


2. Reuters’ Ranking of the World’s Most Innovative Universities

Reuters publishes an annual ranking of the world’s most innovative universities, advancing science, inventing technologies, and fueling new markets. This survey looks at the number of patent applications filed by a university, the number of patent applications granted, and the number of citations associated with a university’s patents.
Reuters’ Top 100 – World’s Most Innovative Universities 2018:

Canadian Rankings

3. Maclean’s University Rankings (Canadian medical/doctoral)

Maclean’s is a Toronto-based Canadian news magazine, founded in 1905. Maclean’s publishes an annual ranking of Canadian universities that separates the universities into three categories: medical/doctoral, comprehensive, and primarily undergraduate. The University of Manitoba is included in the medical/doctoral category. In the 2019 rankings, the University of Manitoba tied for 14th place with the University of Saskatchewan.

Maclean’s University Rankings (2019):

Maclean’s Program Rankings (2019)
Maclean’s also produces an annual ranking of 10 university programs in the arts and sciences:


4. Research Infosource – Canada’s Top 50 Research Universities

Research Infosource is a research, consulting, and publishing firm, specializing in Canadian research and development. Research Infosource produces an annual ranking of the top 50 research universities in Canada. In 2018, the University of Manitoba ranked 13th.

Research Infosource Top 50 Research Universities Rankings (2018):