COVID-19 Resources and Supports from Indigenous Scholars, Faculty and Students

Indigenous scholars, faculty and students at UM are making important contributions to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. This includes grant-funded research, student contributions, advice on staying safe, information how COVID-19 affects Indigenous communities, and ways we can care for our spirits during this difficult time. The following are some of the articles and resources about and from Indigenous scholars, faculty and students. If there are other resources that should be added to this list, please email

Research Grants and Partnerships
Indigenous-Led Countermeasures to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other Pandemics Then, Now, and Into the Future.

Cree-speaking raven puppet gives COVID-19 health information

COVID-19 Rapid Response Program funding for studies in Indigenous populations

U of M receives $1M for COVID-19 projects: Researchers to visit Indigenous communities to learn about coronavirus preparations, experiences during past outbreaks

Student Contributions
Rady students step up to help with COVID-19 response in Manitoba

Advice on Staying Safe
Social distancing key to fight against COVID-19

How to practice physical distancing when you have kids (Global News)

First Nations-specific COVID-19 data

Answering kids’ questions about COVID-19

Safety tips for COVID-19

Spiritual Care
Taking care of our spirits through ceremonial/spiritual practices during pandemic

How COVID-19 Affects Indigenous Communities
Industry puts First Nations at risk: Work must stop on energy, mining projects

Protecting elders means protecting history: Those most at risk of COVID-19 in Indigenous communities are keepers of treasured knowledge

Are masks helpful for preventing COVID-19 in the community? (video)