Indigenous Advisory Circle - Call For Nominations Deadline: March 12, 2015

A Call for Nominations for Members to Sit on an
Indigenous Advisory Circle on Indigenous Achievement

Between the dates of February 18 to March 12, 2015, the Office of Indigenous Achievement will be accepting nominations for the Indigenous Advisory Circle on Indigenous Achievement. 

Purpose of the Indigenous Advisory Circle (IAC) on Indigenous Achievement
The Indigenous Advisory Circle (IAC) is advisory to the Executive Lead for Indigenous Achievement. The Executive Lead has the university-wide responsibility for overseeing the strategic directions of the University related to Indigenous activities, and for coordinating and facilitating the development of initiatives and programs that will advance progress on Indigenous achievement.

The IAC is committed to ensuring that the university creates an environment where culturally affirming practices are embraced and reflected in all aspects of campus living. A culturally affirming campus supports values that resonate with individuals, families, and communities, which in turn will facilitate greater student success at the university. 
The IAC will be comprised of:

-      2 Elders-in-Residence from the Aboriginal Student Centre and the Centre of Aboriginal Health Education
Executive Lead, Indigenous Achievement
4 Indigenous Faculty Members (nominated)
4 Indigenous Support Staff (nominated)

The 8 IAC nominated members, excluding the 2 Elders and the Executive Lead, will serve a term of two years with the opportunity to renew for another two years. 

IAC Members shall posses the following criteria:

-      Strong understanding of Indigenous education, histories and cultures
Come from a diverse set of cultures and languages
Direct involvement with community
Posses the skills and experiences to help fulfil the IAC Terms of Reference 
-      Representation from Fort Garry and Bannatyne Campuses
Must be Indigenous 

Functions of the IAC:

1. Provide advice on the further development and implementation of the Five-Year Indigenous Achievement Implementation Plan.
Serve as liaisons with others in the areas from which they represent and will raise awareness about the various strategic planning activities.
Receive updates from the Executive Lead relating to Indigenous Achievement, Indigenous Student Success Strategic Enrolment Management Plan, Capital Campaign, National Research Centre on Truth and Reconciliation, etc. 

Number of IAC Meetings:

The Advisory Circle will meet four (4) times per calendar year, or subject to the call of the Chair:

-      Three (3) times per academic year – November/February/May
Once (1) in August 

Nomination of Individuals for a Position on the Indigenous Advisory Circle:

Nominations for a seat on the IAC will be accepted between February 18 to March 12, 2015.
Faculty and support staff from the University of Manitoba can submit as many names as they choose. Individuals nominated must be full-time Indigenous faculty or support staff from the University of Manitoba.
Nominators must confirm the individual is willing and able to accept the nomination to the committee prior to submitting names to the nominating committee for review. 

Each nomination must consist of:
-      The CV of the individual
One page written statement by the nominee on how they can contribute to advancing Indigenous Achievement at the University
-      One letter of support

Selection Process:

A nominating committee comprised of the following university representatives will review the nominations:

1.   Executive Lead, Indigenous Achievement
2.   Senior Advisor to the President
3.   Vice-Provost (Academic Affairs)
Associate Dean (First Nations, Metis and Inuit Health), Faculty of Health Sciences
Student Advisor, Aboriginal Student Centre

The committee will have sole discretion to select and appoint members of the IAC. Decisions will be made on a consensus basis.

Submission of Names

Please send nomination submissions no later than Thursday, March 12 by 4:30pm to:
 (204) 474-8904

All submissions will be treated with utmost of confidence.

Circle Room