Service Level Commitments
Please note: additional service level commitments are being developed and will be updated here accordingly.

General HR Request for Service/AdviceAcknowledge initial client email / phone request for service.

Within 2 working days

UrgentRequests:Respond to urgent inquiries (phone or email)

Within 1 working day

Calls to REACH UM Help Desk:  
If escalation to HR Subject Matter Expert is required:


Within 2 working days

Disability, Accommodation or Attendance Inquiries:

Within 2 working days

Compensation Related Inquiries:

Within 2 working days

Request for Collective Agreement Interpretation:  phone or email)

Within 2 business days

Respond to Grievances: Discuss grievance with appropriate manager and assist in drafting a response to the grievance. Also ensure grievance file set up within LR department.

Within time limits specified in the Collective Agreements – 10 working days UMFA, AESES, AESES Security, CUPE 3909 Unit 1, Unit 2; 5 working days CUPE 1482 Engineering. 

Investigations: Respond to person making complaint to set up a meeting or to request further information.

Initial response within 24 hours

Review Correspondence: Review and respond to any emails, invoices, letters of discipline, or other correspondence which needs Staff Relations sign off or involvement

Within 5 working days

Draft Documents: Letters of Understanding; Letters of Agreement, terminations, Offers of Settlement

Within 10 working days

General Staff Benefits Requests for Service / Advice: Acknowledge initial client email / phone request for service.

Within 2 working days

Classification Requests:

2 weeks from receipt of completed request
Reclassification Requests: 2 months from receipt of completed request

Request for reports / data from VIP:

Initial response within 2 working days with a timeframe for completion (dependent upon complexity of request)