Employee Self Service FAQs

How do I find Employee Self Service (ESS)?

ESS is located within the university’s secure JUMP internet portal. Simply log into JUMP, using your personal login and password, and go to the HR tab. This tab includes a link called “ESS”.

A JUMP ID can be claimed by visiting: https://iridium.umanitoba.ca/

If you have any difficulty accessing JUMP, please contact the Help & Solutions Centre at 474-8600 (Fort Garry Campus) or 789-3541 (Bannatyne Campus) or by e-mail to: support@umanitoba.ca

How can I access Employee Self Service (ESS)?

Once you have logged into JUMP, click on the HR tab, and then click on the link titled “ESS”. You do not need to enter another login or password. Be sure to close your web browser when you are finished using ESS.

What’s on ESS?

All staff will be able to view their personal information including current address, emergency contacts, pay, T4 slips, benefits coverage, vacation allowance, beneficiary, dependants and attendance profile which displays a running total of the number of hours recorded for an employee for a calendar year current to the most recent pay period.

In some cases, such as current address or emergency contacts, you will be able to personally update their information and can do so in real time.

What can I update on ESS?

You can update your address and emergency contact information. Just go to the “MY FILE” page and click on “address” or “emergency contact”. Your changes will be immediately applied to your records.

Remember: if you need to change your surname, please contact the HR Help Desk at 9400 as supporting documentation is required.

How do I locate my information on ESS?

There is a two-minute video, or eLearn, available on the HR website that walks you through navigating each of the labelled sections in ESS. The eLearn requires QuickTime to play and you should access it using Firefox. If you don’t have QuickTime or Firefox, they are available via the university’s Software Express:  https://webapps.cc.umanitoba.ca/software/

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions about:

  • your banked time, vacation time, overtime, sick time, or any of the information noted on your attendance profile, please speak with your Supervisor or department administrator. 
  • your group insurance coverage, please contact the Staff Benefits Office as follows:

 Employee surnames beginning with:

Remember, if you need to change your beneficiary or dependents, please contact the Staff Benefits Office at 474-7428 or by e-mail SB-GROUP-INSURANCE@umanitoba.ca

  • your pay stub, please contact the Payroll Office at 474-6632
  • your T4, please contact the Payroll Office 474-6632
  • Remember: T4 slips will be available on ESS in February of each year

For any other questions, please call the HR Help Desk at 474-9400 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm weekdays and we will be happy to help you or direct you to someone who can.