Voluntary Days Off Program

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The University has a voluntary days off program that provides all employees the opportunity, if they choose so, to supplement their vacation by taking unpaid days off throughout the current fiscal year.


While most employee groups at the University already have some ability to take unpaid leave days, these types of leave can adversely impact a variety of things including seniority/service accrual, vacation accrual, pension contributions and other benefits.  In contrast, employees taking voluntary unpaid days off under the voluntary days off program will experience no impact on vacation accrual, benefits coverage, pension contributions or seniority/service


The Voluntary Days Off Program is available to all support staff, student employees and employees in the Other Academic and Research Academic groups.  Members of UNIFOR should note that this is a different program than the unpaid days available under their collective agreement, and they may apply for additional days under this program. The University has many unique employment relationships, and if you have any questions regarding how this program may apply to you, please contact your HR Consultant.


Employees wishing to take days off under this program must request the time off with their respective unit manager. Subject to their unit manager's approval, employees may be eligible to take up to ten (10) days off under this program anytime throughout the current fiscal year.

The special voluntary days off (VDOP) payroll code of 2613 has been created to account for this time on the employee's timesheet.

The employee will absorb the entire cost of their absence within the relevant pay period that the leave is taken.  Employee's should understand that their normal benefit and/or pension contributions will still be taken within the relevant pay period. 

Eligible employees may also apply to the Vacation Purchase Plan (VPP) program.  If approved, employees may take a maximum of 10 days in a fiscal year, using either the VDOP, VPP or a combination of the two.  For information on the VPP, visit Vacation Purchase Plan.


Questions pertaining to the Voluntary Days Off Program can be directed towards the HR Consultant for your department.