Changes to Organization and Reporting Structure

Why is it important to report your changes in your organization?

The actual reporting structure of all employees at the University of Manitoba within their units is important to record in VIP because of the following:

  1. Approvals by hierarchy
  2. Appropriate Manager portal access
  3. Ability to generate an actual Organization Chart in VIP (future state)
  4. System notifications to actual supervisors (also known as agenda messages)

How do you make these changes?

For any changes to your Organization Structure/Hierarchy, we encourage you to use the new email address below:

  1. Email a description of the organization or reporting change that we need to know about at
  2. If a large organizational restructing is necessary, include a copy of the updated organizational chart (including position numbers and highlighted changes)
  3. Copy your Manager OR Director OR Dean
  4. Copy your HR Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to report directly to a professor?

Regarding UMFA and G.F.T. Faculty members: due to their high teaching and research function, the administrative reporting function should go to another position (e.g. Department Head, Program Coordinator or Business Manager). Please contact your HR Consultant if you have any questions.

2. I would like to change an individual's reporting line to another department.

We can only show one direct supervisor in VIP. This supervisor must be in the same area as the employee (i.e. top level of each organization reports to next level of organization). The exception to this - a Department Head would be reporting to the Dean of a Faculty, please email regarding any requests.