Award of Excellence Nomination

Thank you for taking the time to nominate! We recognize the important role that you play in this process so we want to make it as easy as possible for you. If at any point you have any questions then please feel free to contact us at, We want to help!

New Award Process

New to 2019, there is one award category that offers may ways to celebrate the wide range of accomplishments of U of M support staff members. This single award category is flexible so it can celebrate any contribution that has been made, as long as the contributions support one of the five pillars of the University’s strategic plan. Our strategic pillars are broad, so they provide you with many different ways to celebrate outstanding work. No contribution is too small, if your colleague has made a difference then tell us about it! It could enhance your nomination, if you recognize individuals for contributions that cover multiple pillars, but it is not necessary.

Who is eligible to be nominated?

For individuals:

  • Any support staff in a fulltime role for at least 2 years.
  • Must not have received an Award of Excellence previously.

For teams:

  • Must be comprised of at least 50% support staff.
  • Must not have received an Award of Excellence previously.

Nomination Process

The form plays a critical role in informing the selection committee about the impact of your nominee or team. Please take time to fill it out thoughtfully. A few well thought out points that demonstrate contributions focused on tangible results will be viewed more favourably than a large number of points that don't as clearly demonstrate an impact on the goals of the strategic plan.

1) Inspiring minds
2) Driving discovery and insight
3) Creating pathways to indigenous achievement
4) Building community that creates an outstanding learning and work environment
5) Forging connections to foster high impact community engagement.

Please feel free to use point form to outline the contributions of those you are celebrating.

Letters of Support

Two letters of support from colleagues are to accompany the nomination. There is space allocated at the end of the nomination form to attached these one page letters of support. It's helpful to share the criteria for the award with those providing the letters so that their examples are thoughtfully chosen. These letters offer an opportunity to show the selection committee the contribution of the nominee/team from other perspectives. The impact of the letter is not rooted in the status of the individual providing the letter, but more on their ability to speak to the difference that the nominee/team has made.

Nominee Approval

If you are nominating someone for an Award of Excellence please ensure that they have agreed to the nomination before it is submitted.

Links to nomination forms

Click here to have the nomination form emailed to you

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These nomination forms allow you to work on your nomination through the link provided in the email sent to you. As you work through the form your information will automatically be saved a page at a time, when you advance to the next page in the survey the information on the previous page will be saved. Through this email link you will be able to access and edit any element of the form up until you submit the nomination.

President's Award

There will also be a President’s Award. Everyone who is nominated for an Award of Excellence will automatically be considered for this award. Under this new approach all nominations for the Award of Excellence will be reviewed by the senior administrative team. After this review if the President feels a single nomination stands above all the others then he will recognize it with the President’s Award of Excellence.

If I have questions who should I contact?

Please direct all questions to

Submitting Nominations?

Nominations completed through Survey Monkey will automatically be submitted.  
If physical material (forms or letters) are required they can be sent to:

 Awards of Excellence Selection Committee
c/o Learning and Organizational Development
137 Education Bldg
Fort Garry Campus

*Be sure to include the name of the nominee with your materials

Key Dates?

Nominations will close on April 5, 2019.
The recipients of the awards will be announced mid May.
Award recipients will be formally recognized at an awards event on June 27, 2019.