Recognition Programs

The U of M respects, values, and celebrates the contributions of all employees. We want to attract and retain the best and are always looking for additional ways to support employees and to encourage them to feel proud to be a member of this university’s community.

We will continue to strengthen a culture of respect and recognition where the organization recognizes achievements, unit leaders and members demonstrate appreciation for the particular contributions of specific employees, and employees feel valued.

There are two main types of awards:

Anniversay Years of Service Awards of Excellence
5 years President's Award
10 years Leadership Award
15 years Service Award
20 years Team Award
25 years  Diversity & Inclusion Award
30 years  
35+ years  
  • Awards of Excellence recognize individuals who have demonstrated exceptional merit in job performance.
  • Anniversary Years of Service awards recognize service milestones for support staff and academic staff throughout their career at the University.