Unit-Based & Team Workshops

Learning & Organizational Development offers unit-based workshops and training. The following short workshops are suitable for team-building days or retreats. Minimum and maximum registrations apply.


Building High Performance Teams (2 hrs)

    Participants will examine the characteristics of high performance teams and explore the five dysfunctions of a team. Drawing upon the experiences of working together as an intact team, discussion will focus on analyzing current team collaborations and developing ways to move forward as a high performing team. Topics include Tuckman’s five stages of group development and several leadership styles. This session includes small and large group discussions, brainstorming activities, and solution-focused problem solving.

Building Your Team Charter (2 hrs)

    Participants will work together as a team to identify the characteristics that unify them as they shape their vision of how to move forward in developing and achieving common goals. During the workshop, participants will create a list of the values that guide and support their work. As a team, they will reach consensus to create a written charter that will inform their future actions.

Conversation Skills: Hearing to be Heard (2 hrs)

Listening is one of the most important skills that we can have, and all too often is perceived as a passive act. In this workshop participants will discover how to take an active approach to listening and ensure that the complete message is being communicated and understood. Using the OARS model from motivational interviewing participants will practice how to use open-ended questions and effectively reflect back what the other person is communicating.

Decision Making (2 hrs)

    Making decisions, the right ones, is not always an easy task. Some decisions are easy, but others are more complex.The way in which we approach our decision making process can make or break the effectiveness of the solution. As the problem becomes more complex so do our approaches. This session explores strategies that help identify the root problem, gather and sort information, generate solutions and collaboratively decide on the path forward. Participants will identify a problem from their own experience and then apply the strategies form the session.

Influencer (3 hrs)

    We all have a sphere of influence and ways that we impact the work and attitudes of those around us. Using influence means having an impact on achieving results and being able to recognize the key moments, connections, or conversations where you can make a difference. In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify the vital behaviours of influence and how to apply them to modify actions and reactions. The workshop includes applied exercises where you will practice using the six sources of influence to create and sustain change including motivation, support and encouragement.

Journaling (1.5 hrs)

    Journaling can support how we organize our thoughts, our work, and support our overall wellness Research has documented the benefits of journaling as an effective tool for self-reflection, helping individuals improve their focus, patience, planning, and personal growth. This session will use a guided process to provide an opportunity to practice reflection on the participant's topic of choice.

Power of Why (2 hrs)

    Participants will explore the importance of being able to articulate WHY they do what they do, and the effect that has on personal motivation and performance. Drawing upon their own experiences participants will examine the impact of understanding the WHY as it relates to the outcomes of the team and/or organizations of which they have been a part. Discussions will delve into how a clear WHY we do what we do acts as a lens through which you perceive day to day tasks, how WHY drives the HOW and WHAT we do, and the connection between trust and authenticity. In this workshop teams will articulate their purpose (WHY), and define for themselves how the WHY dictates the guiding principles for their unit.

Presentation Skills (3 hrs)

    Any of us may be called upon to make a presentation, at a meeting, during an interview or when trying to convince or influence others. Knowing how to prepare, to use our voice, and how to organize our materials can help us to engage our audience and share our message. This workshop will provide you with tools to help you to prepare your presentations, use your V.O.I.C.E. and review the use of the most common visual aids. This is an interactive session where you will have the opportunity to practice your skills in a supportive and fun learning environment.

Respect in the Workplace: My Role (2 hrs)

  A respectful workplace takes each of us to create each and every day. This workshop is suitable for all staff and provides an overview of how we model respectful interactions and behaviours that create and foster a healthy, productive and positive workplace in an ever-changing environment. Using case studies, videos and small group discussions, participants will be equipped with concrete actions to use in their roles to build an even more respectful workplace.

Service Excellence (2 hrs)

    Participants will explore the importance of the interactions between colleagues and those they help, inform, support or provide assistance. During the workshop they will examine the role of staff as ambassadors for the university and the importance of the perceptions and expectations from those we serve. The workshop will include practical exercises and skill building in the areas of service excellence at the university including etiquette, building rapport, improving positive communication skills, meeting expectations and maintaining satisfaction.

Social Intelligence: Building Impactful Relationships
(2 hrs)

    Participants will examine aspects of social intelligence and how they impact and influence relationships in the workplace. By identifying the social intelligence characteristics within ourselves and recognizing these characteristics in others, participants will develop approaches to working with others more effectively.

Time Management (2 hrs)

In this workshops participants will explore strategies related to focus, productivity and task management. Through identifying our own peaks of productivity (and ability of self-management) participants can take charge over their busy workloads, becoming more effective for themselves and their teams.

Virtual Meetings (2 hrs)

    Virtual meetings are a great way to bring people together when participants are separated by physical distance or other barriers. In this workshop participants will observe how to plan and facilitate a structured and productive meeting using accepted protocols and etiquette.

Workload Balance & Stress (2 hrs)

    Participants will examine the characteristics of stress and stressors and the relationship between them in the workplace. Discussion will include topics related to building capacity to manage personal stress and how to build resiliency. Conversations focus on the advantages and disadvantages of stress, signs and symptoms of stress and ways to identify healthy stress. During the workshop, participants will explore ways to approach work and workload and ways to increase personal efficacy while managing daily workload. This session includes small and large group discussions, learning games and videos.


For information, please contact:
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