UM Staff Training Essentials Program

The University of Manitoba Staff Training Essentials Program (UMSTEP) is a five day certificate program  that provides the foundations of workshop design, development, and training delivery skills for staff and administrative staff who may be called upon to provide training to others.

The focus of the program is to create proficiency in the competencies required to create and deliver engaging and effective training. During the program you will have a chance to create and deliver training while receiving feedback from your peers and the instructor.
The following workshops form the bulk of the certificate program and can be taken in ANY order by the learner. They are prerequisites for taking the final Capstone: Staff Training Essential Program workshop:

Presentations Skills (3 hours)
Training: Design & Developement (3 hours)
Training: Delivery (6 hours)
Measuring Outcomes of Training (3hours)

The following is the final workshop and requires a code to register.  It must be taken after completion of all of the previous four (4) workshops.

Capstone: Staff Training Essential Program (3 hours)
Final Presentation Criteria


Navigating through the program:

(1) Register and complete the four (4) main workshops as you would for any other LOD workshop (No forms, applications or interviews required).
(2) Once completed email to request the registration code for Capstone: Staff Training Essential Program. (LOD will verify you have completed the prerequisite workshops and then email the code to you).
(3) Register for and complete one of the available Capstone: Staff Training Essential Program workshops.



If you have questions or if you would like more information, please contact:

Joshua Hartlin
Facilitator & New Media Specialist
Learning & Organizational Development
P: 204-474-7389