Visiting Professors


Professors (all grades including emeritus and lecturer) who hold current academic positions abroad may come to Canada as workers under LMIA exemption for up to two years. They are usually paid by their home institution and can be paid or unpaid in their term at the University of Manitoba. They must return to their home institution at the end of their authorized stay in Canada.

Visiting Professors are not eligible for pension and benefits. They are encouraged to make private arrangements for benefit plans and insurance coverage. They will only be entitled to Manitoba Health if they have a work permit that is valid for one year or more. This is a very important consideration for the faculty supervisor/host, especially when the visitor is bringing their family with them to Canada.

In certain cases, qualified scientists who hold formal positions at research institutes can come to Canada under the same LMIA exemption as Visiting Professors. These researchers would not need to hold an academic appointment elsewhere but may come to work in our labs temporarily. As with Visiting Professors, they can come to the U of M for a maximum of 2 years, then must return home.


This is a four step process:

Step 1: Faculty supervisor/host prepares the correct letter of invitation for the Visiting Professor. There are two versions of this letter, depending on whether the faculty supervisor/host is paying them or not:

Template Visiting Academics Salaried Appointment Letter (IV.4 - host paying visitor); or

Template ‘Visiting Academics with a Nil Salaried Appointment’ (IV.6 - host not paying)

Form IV.5 is an information sheet to issue to the visitor (whether paid or unpaid)

Step 2: Faculty supervisor/host completes the Foreign Visitor Category Assessment form (FVCA - formerly known as the CIC form) You can find the Foreign Visitor Category Assessment here:  FVCA (PDF)
It is essential to input the personal data exactly as it appears on the visitor’s passport.

Step 3: Send a copy of the completed FVCA form and the invitation letter by email to Tatjana Blazevska in the Provost’s office:
Tatjana will check the form to see if it is correct. She may send it back to you for correction if there are errors. Tatjana will then process an LMIA-exemption through the ‘Employer Portal’ and send a confirmation email to the person who sent the form. This confirmation email includes the ‘Offer of Employment Number’, a very important number that your visitor needs when they apply for a work permit. Tatjana will also attach a receipt for $230, this is for the Employer Compliance Fee that host department must pay and keep for their records.

Step 4: Send the invitation letter, the information sheet, the Offer of Employment number and a copy of the Employer Compliance Fee receipt to your visitor and advise them to apply for a work permit immediately via this link: