Immigration Overview

University of Manitoba – Immigration for academic workers & visitors

The University of Manitoba (U of M) welcomes many international staff, faculty and researchers from all over the world each year. We all benefit from this rich exchange of knowledge, experience and diversity in our departments, schools and institutes and the multiple opportunities it offers to our enrolled students.

The advice and associated links on these pages are designed to give a brief overview of common immigration categories and how to manage them locally.

Immigration law, policies and procedures are complicated and vary widely depending on whether non-Canadians are coming to the U of M to work, visit or continue their post secondary studies that they have enrolled in at their home institutions. There are entry requirements to travel to Canada, such as visas, electronic Travel Authorizations (eTA’s) and biometric testing (digital fingerprints and photographs). Then there are status (legal) documents that are required for these international visitors to be allowed to stay in Canada and carry out the work, study or activities that are planned for the duration of their time with us.

Faculty members and administrators should plan well in advance of the visit to ensure that the non-Canadian visitor has plenty of time to obtain the necessary documents that they need to arrive safely in Canada and join our international community and start their research or other approved activities. We recommend that you start this process at least four months prior to their planned arrival.

Please note that international students who are or will be enrolled here at the U of M are assisted in their immigration enquiries by International Student Advisors over at the International Centre (IC). Contact details and general immigration advice for enrolled students can be found on the IC website. There is some overlap, where enrolled students are authorized to work, as appointment paperwork will be submitted through Human Resources and on then on to payroll. These pages set out to help you understand jurisdictional boundaries.

Students who are enrolled at institutions outside of Canada can enrol for an email address and library access from the IC when they arrive. However, their immigration paperwork can be complicated and must be managed by their faculty supervisor/host through Human Resources.  Foreign students must communicate with their faculty supervisor/host at the U of M directly and the faculty supervisor/host then liaises with Human Resources with regard to immigration requirements. General guidance can be found in the links provided.

Please note that the information provided on these pages is very general, may change at short notice and there will be some cases that require more tailored immigration advice from the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant in Human Resources.

More details can be found on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website.

Visitors coming to Canada can read about Temporary Residence requirements here.