Governing Documents: Officers


1.00 Delegation of Powers and Duties:

Except as otherwise provided in the Act, in the case of the absence or inability to act of any officer of the University, or for any other reason that the Board may deem sufficient, the Board may delegate all or any of the powers, duties and functions of such officer to any other person for such period as the Board may deem fit.

2.00 Fees to Officers:

2.1 The President, the Vice-Presidents, the Comptroller, the deans of faculties, the directors of schools, the Director of Libraries and their respective staffs shall not be entitled to accept or receive or retain for their own use or benefit any fee or other emolument for the supervision of examinations conducted for or at the request of any other University or other outside body or organization, or for any other service that they are called on or requested to render by reason of their positions with the University, except with prior authorization from the Board.

2.2 Subsection 2.1 shall not apply where a fee is paid to any person mentioned in subsection 2.1 pursuant to an appointment to serve in connection with a matter not directly or indirectly relating to the affairs of the University.