Governing Documents: Officers
Effective Date:
Revised Date:
January 28, 1999
Review Date:
January 1, 2015
Approving Body:
Board of Governors
Applies to:



1.00 Office:

There shall be a Vice-President (Research and International) of the University.

2.00 Powers and Duties:

The powers, duties and functions of the Vice-President (Research and International) shall include:


  1. responsibility for overall research development and administration in the University;
  2. undertaking, in conjunction with the Vice-President(Academic) and Provost, research policy development and planning;
  3. providing to faculties and schools, educational and support services relating to research administration and information on funding sources, grants procedures, and other relevant information;
  4. arranging for the promotion, both internally and externally, of research activities and accomplishments;
  5. administering research grants and public sector contracts;
  6. responsibility for the allocation of University research funds such as the University's small grants program, research development fund, and general research grants received from national and local granting agencies;
  7. implementing the University's policies and procedures including scientific integrity and academic fraud in research;
  8. acting as the officer through whom liaison with local, regional, and national industry occurs;
  9. responsibility for the negotiation of private sector contracts;
  10. initiating Canadian and foreign patents and copyrights on intellectual property developed at the University, and coordinating the licensing of such patents and copyrights;
  11. coordinating, in conjunction with the Vice-President (Administration), the development and operation of the Research Park;
  12. liaising with institutions, both at the provincial and national level, on matters such as government research policies, overheads, and intellectual property;
  13. acting as the officer through whom animal care, and research centres and institutes as may be designated by the President, report;
  14. liaising, on behalf of the University, with agencies and institutions such as national granting councils, research foundations, teaching hospitals, and external research institutes and centres;
  15. developing and monitoring international development programs and, in conjunction with the Vice-President (Academic) and Provost, share responsibility for the International Liaison Office; and
  16. undertaking such additional duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Board or the President.