Governing Documents: Officers
Effective Date:
Revised Date:
April 14, 1987
Review Date:
January 1, 2015
Approving Body:
Board of Governors
Applies to:
All Staff


There shall be a Vice-President (Administration) of the University.


Powers and Duties

The powers, duties and functions of the Vice-President (Administration) shall include:


  1. overseeing the administration of the support aspects of the activities of the University;


  2. authorizing the implementation of new programs for those units reporting to the Vice-President (Administration) where necessary approvals have been granted;


  3. acting for the President, in the President's absence or inability to act, in respect of employee relations and the financial and business affairs of the University, and in relation to such other matters involving the Board and bodies outside the University as may be designated by the President or the Board;


  4. acting as the officer through whom the heads of support units, and such other units and services as may be designated by the President, report;


  5. receiving reports from the heads of support units and such other units, as may be designated by the President, on the operation of their units;


  6. assessing and making recommendations on requests from support units, departments and services under the Vice-President's supervision for capital and operating appropriations and for any changes therein;


  7. implementing changes in the capital and operating budgets of the University and in the fees or charges associated with programs and services in accordance with the policies or procedures established by the Board or the President;


  8. recommending to the President on the appointment, promotion, change of service, discipline, retirement, and dismissal of heads of support units and other support staff;


  9. being responsible for the development, security and maintenance of the University's property, including its lands, buildings, grounds and equipment;


  10. recommending to the Board with respect to all contracts requiring the approval of the Board;


  11. co-ordinating the preparation of the operating and capital budgets of the University;


  12. administering loan funds, trust funds and all other funds held by the University or administered through its accounts;


  13. controlling the receipts and disbursements of all funds for capital and other purposes processed through University accounts, according to appropriations and policies approved by the Board;


  14. investing the funds of, or held by the University, maintaining detailed records thereof, and reporting to the Board all changes made since the last previous report in the said investments, and reporting at the end of each fiscal year the sum total and all important details of such investments;


  15. authorizing bank overdrafts in any case where the net costs of the University of any overdraft does not exceed $1,000;


  16. arranging for appropriate safe-keeping and control of all securities owned or held by or for the University, and of all documents of title evidencing an interest of the University;


  17. making a report to the Board on the accounts of the University on or before the first day of November next following the close of the fiscal year for which such report is made, in which shall be set forth in detail the assets and liabilities, the income and expenditures and the investments as they stood at the end of such year;


  18. overseeing the administration of the general insurance program and staff benefits plans of the University;


  19. administering and enforcing the traffic and parking regulations of the University;


  20. administering for the University the acquisition by purchase or otherwise of all property and services required by the University, and the disposition by sale or otherwise of any property of the University, in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the Board or the President; and


  21. undertaking such additional duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Board or the President.