Governing Documents: Officers
Effective Date:
April 14, 1987
Revised Date:
Review Date:
June 1, 2015
Approving Body:
Board of Governors
University Secretary
Applies to:
All Staff



There shall be a President of the University who is:

    1. the chief executive officer
    2. the Vice-Chancellor.

Powers and Duties

The President shall:

    1. exercise general supervision over and direction of the operation of the University including its academic work, staff, students and business affairs;
    2. have access to all records of the University;
    3. recommend to the Board the appointment, promotion, tenure, change of service, discipline, retirement and dismissal of staff;
    4. be a member ex officio of every committee of the Board;
    5. be a member ex officio of the council of every faculty, school and department of the University, of every committee of the Senate, and of each faculty and school;
    6. have the right to call and preside at any meeting of the council of every faculty, school and department;
    7. deal appropriately with every complaint pertaining to the University lodged with the President;
    8. prepare an annual budget for the University and submit the budget to the Board;
    9. recommend to the Board or to the Senate, or to both, any undertaking the President considers advantageous to the University;
    10. report in writing to the Board at the end of each academic year on the status and needs of the University; and
    11. have such other powers, duties and functions as may be assigned by the Board.


The President may delegate such of the powers, duties and functions of the President as the President sees fit, and in such case shall prescribe conditions governing the exercise of any delegated power, duty and function, including the power of sub-delegation. 


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