Senate Committee on University Research

Terms of Reference:

1. To provide advice and recommendations to Senate and the University Administration on all matters related to research at the University including:

a) policies concerning research development and administration, reviewing such policies regularly and recommending revisions as appropriate;

b) policies and issues related to ethics in the conduct of research, scholarly and artistic work; 

c) mechanisms for promoting the research mission of the University and recognizing research excellence;

d) strategies for enhancing research performance and competitiveness;

e) any other research-related matters which may arise from time to time or which may be referred to the Senate Committee on University Research by Senate or the University Administration;

2. To consider proposals to establish research centres/institutes for recommendation to Senate and conduct periodic reviews of these centres/institutes, reporting to Senate as appropriate;

3. To consider, on behalf of the Senate and the University Administration, major reports of granting bodies affecting University research, responding where required;

4. To act as a forum for the discussion of development, promotion and administration of University research, recommending to Senate and the University Administration as appropriate;

5. To receive annual reports on the implementation and operations of human and animal research ethics;

6. Subject only to subsequent report to Senate, to appoint and oversee the operation of any standing sub-committees (standing sub-committees shall report to SCUR annually and recommend to SCUR changes in policies related to their specific mandate);

7. To appoint and monitor ad hoc committees as are deemed necessary to carry out the mandate of the Committee;

8. To serve as a liaison with other research-related bodies and committees (e.g. Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Human Ethics Resource Committee, the Senate Committee on Libraries, the Senate Committee on Academic Computing);

9. To appoint members of the Research Grants Committee, subject to the terms of reference of this Committee, and to receive and consider reports from the Research Grants Committee; and

10. To report at least annually to Senate.


1. Vice-President (Research and International) (ex-officio), as Chair

2. President (ex-officio)

3. Provost and Vice-President (Academic) (ex-officio)

4. Associate Vice-President (Research) and Associate Vice-President (Partnerships) (ex-officio)

5. Vice-Provost (Graduate Education ) and Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies (ex-officio)

6. Research Grants Officer (ex-officio, non-voting)

7. Four Deans or Directors representing a range of research activities in the University, elected by Senate to serve three-year terms

8. Eight faculty members actively engaged in research and representing a range of research activities in the University, at least two of whom are from the Bannatyne Campus, elected by but not necessarily from Senate to serve three-year terms

9. Two graduate students selected by the Graduate Students' Association to serve two-year terms

Approved by Senate November 2, 2011


Digvir Jayas



Sarah Vanderveen