Senate Planning and Priorities Committee

Terms of Reference:

The Senate is empowered by the Act to advise and make recommendations to the Board "...with respect to academic planning, campus planning, a building program, and budget policies...". The Senate Planning and Priorities Committee shall assist Senate in this role.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, but subject to the availability of time and personnel, the Committee may:

1. Make recommendations to Senate regarding the following:

a) the general allocation of University resources with respect to their desirability and efficiency;

b) proposed academic programs and physical plant development;

c) any such studies, proposals or reports that it may initiate within itself, have referred to it by Senate, other Councils, Committees or Bodies, formal or otherwise;

2. On behalf of Senate advise and make recommendations to the President and report to Senate such actions regarding the following:

a) all matters requiring priorization including: (i) the priorization of new or modified programs with significant resource requirements; (ii) capital programs;

b) matters of policy relating to operating and capital budgets;

c) matters that Senate or Senate Executive may refer to it for comment or advice;

3. Advise and recommend to the President on any matter which the President may refer to the Committee.


1. Provost and Vice-President (Academic) (or designate)

2. Vice-President (Administration) (or designate)

3. Vice-President (Research and International) (or designate)

4. Ten members of the academic staff (excluding Deans, Directors and Associate/Assistant Deans or Directors), at least three of whom are members of Senate and at least one of whom is from the Bannatyne Campus

5. Three students, namely, the President of UMSU (or designate), one undergraduate student, and one graduate student

6. President (ex-officio)

7. Vice-Provost (Students)

Amended by Senate August 13, 2003 


David Watt



Shannon Coyston