Senate Committee on Libraries

Terms of Reference:

1. To provide advice and make recommendations to Senate regarding:

a) broad general policies for the development and maintenance of collections, services and facilities;

b) fiscal support and internal budgetary priorities for the Libraries; and

c) library policies and their effect on faculty and students;

2. To receive regular reports from Faculty/School User Groups or Committees, as well as reports from the Libraries Council or any other body concerning the operation of the Libraries, and report thereon to Senate with comment and/or recommendations as appropriate;

3. To establish, appoint and monitor such sub-committees as are deemed necessary to carry out the business of the Library Committee;

4. To make an annual report to Senate, and to report at such other times as may be necessary or appropriate.


1. Provost and Vice-President (Academic) (or designate), as Chair

2. Vice-President (Research and International) (or designate)

3. University Librarian (or designate)

4. Vice-Provost (Graduate Education) and Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies (or designate)

5. Two Deans of Faculties or Colleges or Directors of Schools elected by Senate to serve for three-year terms

6. Six members of the academic staff elected by Senate, of whom at least two shall be members of Senate. Of the six, at least one each shall be from the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Science and the Bannatyne Campus. The term of office shall be for three years

7. Four students, two graduate and two undergraduate, elected by Senate for two-year terms

Amended by Senate March 4, 1992
Revised by Senate November 5, 2014


Lisa O'Hara



Marcia Yoshida