Senate Committee on Approved Teaching Centres

Terms of Reference:

1. To report and recommend to Senate on all matters affecting authorized centres of instruction, or centres seeking authorization;

2. To concern itself with such matters as qualifications and teaching load of staff, academic load of students, suitability and availability of facilities for courses being offered by Approved Teaching Centres and at centres seeking approval;

3. To advise faculty and school councils on matters which pertain to courses being offered by Approved Teaching Centres;

4 To conduct periodic reviews of the institution's relationship as an approved Centre. The first review shall be conducted by the Committee on Approved Teaching Centres in the fifth year of the relationship, and thereafter, reviews shall normally be conducted every seven years. The Committee on Approved Teaching Centres may arrange its periodic review of Centres so as to avoid having to review more than one institution in a given academic session;

5. To set goals, in consultation with the Approved Teaching Centres, concerning matters relevant to their role as approved teaching centres of the University.


1. Dean of the Faculty of Arts

2. Director of Summer Session and Credit Extension Programs

3. Representatives of all departments and faculties whose courses are being offered

The following are the Approved Teaching Centres of the University of Manitoba:

1. Canadian Mennonite Bible College

2. William and Catherine Booth College

3. Prairie Theatre Exchange

Amended by Senate December 13, 1989
Amended by Senate April 5, 2000

(formerly Committee on Approvals)


Shannon Coyston