Senate Committee on Academic Computing
Terms of Reference:

Foster innovation in pedagogy, especially as it relates to technology in teaching and learning.

Advise and inform Senate, the President’s Advisory Council on IT and Innovation (PACITi), and the Chief Information Officer (CIO) on all matters pertaining to Information Technology (IT) for teaching and learning, including the formation of policy and emerging technologies.

Establish and revise, as necessary, a standard process for developing, receiving, reviewing and recommending to Senate IT initiatives related to teaching and learning.  (These initiatives should be, for the most part, enterprise-wide in scope.)

Receive, review, prioritize and make recommendations to Senate, as appropriate, about proposed IT initiatives related to teaching and learning.  At the request of Senate, the Committee also may be asked to consider other specific IT initiatives.  (These initiatives should be, for the most part, enterprise-wide in scope.)

Serve as a forum for addressing IT issues related to teaching and learning brought forth by administration, faculty, staff and students.  (These issues should be, for the most part, enterprise-wide in scope.)

Foster communication and share expertise of teaching and learning-related IT issues and practices, and identify areas in academic IT for potential collaboration among faculty and across Faculties and Schools.

Establish, appoint and monitor such sub-committees as are deemed necessary to carry out the business of the Committee.

Report annually to Senate and quarterly to PACITi.  Report to these and other bodies at such other times as may be necessary or appropriate.

Hold meetings a minimum of four times per year.


1. Provost and Vice-President (Academic), or designate, as Chair (ex-officio)
2. Vice-President (Research and International), or designate (ex-officio)
3. Chief Information Officer, or designate (ex-officio)
4. University Librarian, or designate (ex-officio)
5. Manager, Learning Management Systems (ex-officio)
6. Two Deans of Faculties or Colleges or Directors of Schools elected by Senate
7. Six members of the academic staff elected by Senate (including at least one from the Bannatyne campus)
8. Four Students elected by Senate (two undergraduate; two graduate)
9. Resource persons, as requested

Established by Senate July 8, 1992
Amended by Senate July 8, 1998
Revised by Senate April 3, 2013
Revised by Senate November 5, 2014


Mark Torchia



Sandi Utsunomiya