Senate Executive Committee

Terms of Reference

1. To prepare the agenda for Senate meetings.

2. To carry out the routine functions of Senate.

3. To assure that Senate policy is properly executed.

4. To coordinate the work of Senate committees.

5. To ensure that reports are submitted in proper form to Senate and are properly handled.

6. To follow up decisions taken by Senate.

7. To submit written reports of its actions and recommendations to Senate.

8. To call special meetings of Senate on no less than twenty-four hours notice for purposes specified in the Notice of Meeting.

9. To deal with contingencies that arise between meetings.

10. To some extent to oversee matters of controversial policy.

11. To alter the regular date of a meeting of Senate, if necessary.

12. To cancel regular meetings of Senate as specified in the Standing Rules of Senate.

13. To establish such ad hoc committees as necessary to assist Senate in carrying out its work where an appropriate standing Committee of Senate does not exist.

14. To nominate members for election to the Committee on Nominations.

15. To appoint the Chairs and Vice-Chairs for the Senate Committee on Appeals and the Senate Committee on Admission Appeals.


Amended by Senate April 5, 2000



Michael Benarroch



Shannon Coyston