Senate Executive Committee: Composition and Terms of Office

The Senate Executive Committee is established by The University of Manitoba Act, Sec. 34(1)(y).

1. Composition.

(i) the president, who shall be chairman of the committee,

(ii) the member of the Senate designated by the president to be vice-chairman of the committee,

(iii) three members of Senate from among the vice-presidents of the University, the deans of faculties, and the directors of the schools,

(iv) a member of the Board who has been appointed to be a member of the Senate,

(v) a member elected by the students to be a member of Senate,

(vi) eight other members of the Senate from those elected under section 27 (i.e. those elected by faculty/school councils.

2. Assessors.

(a) Deputy Provost (Academic Planning and Programs) (minutes of 15/05/19)

(b) UMFA. One UMFA assessor who is to be the same person named as UMFA assessor of Senate (minutes of 7/11/72).

(c) SPPC. The Chair (effective 29 September 1970).

(d) Students:

- the President of UMSU or delegate, who shall be a student or Commissioner of UMSU (minutes of 13/9/73).

- one elected student Senator chosen by and from the student Senators (minutes of 13/9/73).

- the President of the Graduate Students' Association or his/her delegate, who shall be a Graduate Students' Association Senator (minutes of 1/8/90).

3. Terms of Office.

Members of the Executive Committee are elected for three-year terms.

4. Expiration of Term.

A Senate member elected to the Executive Committee, whose term of office on Senate expires prior to the member's term on the Executive, is obliged to resign from the Executive Committee.


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