Governing Documents: Governance


1.00 Election Procedures

1.1 The Alumni Association shall develop, and may amend, procedures for the conduct by it of the elections of those members of the Board who are required by the Act to be elected by and from the graduates of the University.

1.2 The procedures referred to in subsection 1.1, and any amendments thereto, shall be submitted to the Board for its approval before becoming effective.

2.00 Conduct and Certification of Elections

2.1 The Alumni Association shall conduct annually the elections referred to in section 1.00 and in so doing shall follow the procedures referred to in that section
2.2 On or before May 31 in each year, the Alumni Association shall certify to the Secretary of the Board the names, and the respective expiry dates of the terms, of the person or persons elected to the Board during that year pursuant to subsection 2.1.