Governing Documents: Governance

Membership of senate

26(1)       The senate shall be composed of

(a) the president;

(b) the chancellor;

(c) the vice-presidents of the university;

(d) the dean of each faculty of the university;

(e) the director of each school of the university having a school council;

(f) the Director of Extension of the university or, if none, the officer exercising comparable functions;

(g) the Director of Libraries of the university;

(h) the dean or director of student affairs of the university or, if none, the officer exercising comparable functions;

(i) the head of each constituent or member college;

(j) the vice deans of the Faculty of Arts and Science;

(k) two persons appointed by the board from amongst its members other than those who are otherwise members of the senate;

(l) 28 persons elected by, and from amongst, the students of the university in the method determined under clause 34(1)(cc), and, in addition, the president of The University of Manitoba Students' Union;

(m) two members of the board of directors of the alumni association appointed by that board;

(n) the persons elected under section 27;

(o) members-at-large appointed under subsection 27(4);

(p) the head of each affiliated college;

(p.1) the president of the Université de Saint-Boniface;

(q) the Deputy Minister of Advanced Education and Training, or his or her designate.

Presiding officer of senate

26(2)       The president, or, in his absence, a vice-president (academic) according to seniority of appointment as a vice-president (academic) or, in the absence of such a vice-president, the senior dean of the university present shall be the presiding officer at all meetings of the senate.

from The University of Manitoba Act, Section 26