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1.00 Establishment of Policies as to Gift Reporting:

The Board from time to time, by resolution, may establish and amend policies and procedures with respect to reports to be made to the Board as to gifts made or proposed to be made to the University.

2.00 Reporting of Gifts to the Board:

The President shall report to the Board concerning gifts to the University referred to in Section 1.00 as may be required under the policies and procedures established by the Board pursuant to that section.

3.00 Expenditures in Anticipation of Receipt of Gifts:

The President may authorize the expenditure of funds of the University for a purpose for which funding has not been otherwise provided in anticipation of reimbursement from an intending donor, or donors, provided that in any such case the University has first received from the donor, or donors, a commitment, or commitments, satisfactory to the Comptroller, for the payment to the University of an amount not less than the amount of any expenditure so authorized.

Revised BOG January 28, 1999