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I.  The Award

The Peter D Curry Chancellor's Award was established in April 1983 by the Investors Group on the occasion of the retirement of Peter D. Curry from the Board of the Investors Group. The award recognizes Dr Curry's outstanding service to both the Company and the community, particularly in the field of education. The award is to be made annually to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the development of the University.

II.  Terms of Reference

1. To select candidates for the Peter D Curry Chancellor's Award
2. To determine policy and criteria to be used in making the award

III.  Composition

The Chancellor, as Chair
Past Chancellors residing in Manitoba
The Chair of the Board of Governors
The President

IV.  Policy and Procedures

1. Criteria

The Peter D Curry Chancellor's Award will be awarded to individuals who have made distinct contributions to University development and/or governance.

2. Eligibility

Staff members and members of the community are eligible for the award.

3. Nominations

Nominations will be accepted from members of the Board of Governors, Senate, staff, students and members of the community. Nominations can also be submitted by members of the Committee. Guidelines for nominations are attached.

4. Recognition

Recipients of the award will designate the annual revenue of the Award Fund to be allocated for use by a unit (e.g. faculty, school, library), for support of a University program (e.g. scholarship, endowment fund) or for the artistic and cultural enrichment of the University. An award certificate and medal will also be presented to the recipient.

5. Presentation

The award will be presented at Spring Convocation by the Chancellor.

6. Number of Awards

One award will be available each year.

7. Further Information

Nominations, including a 200-word citation, should be submitted to:

The Peter D. Curry Chancellor's Award Committee
c/o The University Secretary
312 Administration Building.

Further information is available from this office (telephone 204-474-6165).



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