2019 Emeritus

Denis Charles Bracken, Faculty of Social Work
James Bugslag, School of Art
Harbhajan Singh Dhaliwal, Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
Janice G Dodd, Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
Ada M. Ducas (Librarian Emerita)
Frank C. Hawthorne, Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources
Tuula I. Heinonen, Faculty of Social Work
Erwin Huebner, Faculty of Science
Richard Lobdell (Vice-Provost Emeritus)
David Alan McCrea, Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
Nicole Michaud-Oystryk, Libraries
Gregory Gerald Monks, Faculty of Arts
Hans Pasterkamp, Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
Ranganathan Padmanabhan, Faculty of Science
Dimos Polyzois, Faculty of Engineering
Douglas Warren Ruth, Faculty of Engineering
Brent Allan Schacter, Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences
Harvey Secter, OM (Chancellor Emeritus)
Myroslav Shkandrij, Faculty of Arts
Mark D. Whitmore (Dean Emeritus)

Denis Charles Bracken

Faculty of Social Work

Since beginning his career at the University in 1979, Dr. Denis Bracken has made many outstanding contributions to administration, teaching, research and service in the areas of social work, social policy and criminal justice practice. He served in several key leadership roles including Rector of St. Paul’s College and Inner City Social Work Director, Associate Dean and Acting Dean within the Faculty of Social Work.

Denis is an exemplary intellectual and scholarly mentor to many undergraduate and graduate students. He has been impacting students and contributing to their decisions to practice social work and to contribute to social policy development in the areas of custody for young offenders, programs for domestic violence offenders and approaches to working with Indigenous people and ethnic minorities in criminal justice systems. He led the implementation of the faculty’s highly successful and subscribed to distance education BSW program.

Dr. Bracken has served on several local and international community and professional boards including Rossbrook House, the international advisory panel for the UK’s The Probation Journal and Irish Probation Journal. Dr. Bracken has been an invited and visiting speaker at several universities around the globe.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Denis Bracken the title of Professor Emeritus.

James Bugslag

School of Art

Since 1997, Dr. James Bugslag has taught more than 20 different courses in the School of Art, including medieval, Renaissance and Byzantine art history. He is an internationally recognized medieval art historian.

His expertise is showcased through stained glass, pilgrimage art and architecture, and Gothic design, and he is notably well published in these areas. He has received six Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grants for his work. He is considered to be one of the top scholars on the Chartres Cathedral, an essential landmark in the history of medieval architecture.

James served on editorial committees for The Journal of Stained Glass and Gesta and was managing editor of the art history journal RACAR. He was a key figure in the revision of the School’s undergraduate art history program and recognized as an outstanding teacher.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. James Bugslag the title of Professor Emeritus.

Harbhajan Singh Dhaliwal

Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Dhali Dhaliwal has been a professor in the department of internal medicine at the Max Rady College of Medicine for the last 15 years and served as president and CEO of CancerCare Manitoba from 2003 to 2013.

Under his leadership with CancerCare Manitoba, he introduced several major advancements in the prevention and treatment of cancer, including the Home Cancer Drug Program, the Surgical Oncology Network, the Provincial Oncology Drug Program, the Manitoba Cancer Patient Journey Initiative, the Quality Patient Safety Portfolio, the Patient Navigation Program and the Colorectal Screening Program—the first of its kind in Canada.

Dhali worked to increase access to cancer care treatment for all Manitobans, especially rural patients. Clinical and academic activities increased dramatically with recruitment of over 30 new faculty and doubling of overall staff. He was instrumental in the opening of the Western Manitoba Cancer Centre and the establishment of Manitoba’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit Cancer Control Program.

In 2014, he resumed clinical responsibilities within the section of hematology/oncology and has played a significant role in clinical and scholarly research in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. He received the Order of Manitoba in 2016.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Dhali Dhaliwal the title of Professor Emeritus.

Janice G Dodd

Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

A professor in both the Max Rady College of Medicine and the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Janice has made significant and diverse contributions over her 34 year career at the University.

As a molecular biologist she is internationally recognized for her research on the influence of hormones and diet on the development, growth and progression of prostate cancer. She cloned a transcribed gene, "probasin"—a first at the University—which has become an important tool in molecular prostate cancer research and influenced the work of many molecular biologists. As a women’s and gender studies’ scholar she has exposed the challenges for the career progression of women in biomedical sciences.

She has been an admired teacher and mentor, an exceptional ambassador for the University of Manitoba and a strong advocate for women. In 1994, the YMCA-YWCA recognized her for her promotion of the advancement of women in science with a Woman of Distinction Award.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Janice Dodd the title of Professor Emerita.

Ada M Ducas


Ms. Ada Ducas served as head of the Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library (NJMHSL) in the University Libraries from 1995 to 1997, and then as head of the Health Sciences Libraries, which included the NJMHSL, from 1998-2018.

During her long and distinguished career, Ada shaped the development of a coordinated health library system for the province of Manitoba. Her accomplishments include the Manitoba Health Information Network which provides library services to Northern, rural and urban nurses, an Indigenous health collection, oversight of all Winnipeg Regional Health Authority libraries and, finally, the creation of the Manitoba Health Information and Knowledge Network for the Regional Health Authorities in Manitoba.

Ada has been active at the executive level of many provincial and national associations, including the Canadian Association of College and University Libraries, the Manitoba Health Libraries Association, the Canadian Health Libraries Association, the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada and the Canadian Health Network Advisory Board. She has also published extensively and presented at conferences around the world.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Ms. Ada Ducas the title of Librarian Emerita.

Frank C Hawthorne

Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources

Through imagination, creativity and leadership, Distinguished Professor Frank Hawthorne has revolutionized our fundamental understanding of minerals and their behaviour in Earth processes.

Dr. Hawthorne is recognized as the world’s foremost mineralogist of all time, devoting his 40-plus year career to the University and to bringing numerous theoretical and experimental techniques to bear on what had been intractable problems in mineralogy, crystallography and geochemistry.

His work has been recognized by the Royal Society of Canada, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the International Mineralogical Association, and the Mineralogical Associations of Canada, Great Britain, America and Italy. Dr. Hawthorne has received the Killam Prize in Natural Sciences, and is a Companion of the Order of Canada and recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Dr. Hawthorne’s teaching success combines the importance of technical expertise in every experimental technique and the belief that his students must conceive and do their own work, with guidance, rather than act as “hands” for his own research. As a result he has mentored the next generation of prominent scientists and leaders in the field.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Frank Hawthorne the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

Tuula I Heinonen

Faculty of Social Work

In her 25-year career, Dr. Tuula Heinonen distinguished herself as an accomplished social work scholar, a dedicated mentor and teacher, and a leader within the faculty and broader professional community.

Tuula is a recognized scholar in international social work and has longstanding research collaborations with China through a sizeable Canadian International Development Agency grant that addressed social development and gender. She has collaborations with Finland, China and England. In 2003, she received the Honourable Social Work Professor Award from the China Women’s University in Beijing.

She is highly regarded as an engaged, innovative teacher who worked continuously to enhance and support student success. She is credited with introducing the use of expressive arts in research and social work practice into the curriculum. She co-authored a book on expressive arts for social work, and her textbook, Social Work Practice: Problem Solving and Beyond, has been widely adopted and made a significant contribution to the teaching of social work practice in Canada.

Dr. Heinonen is a leading social work educator and internationally regarded by the many invitations she received to teach abroad.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Tuula Heinonen the title of Professor Emerita.

Erwin Huebner

Faculty of Science

In an outstanding career spanning 45 years, Dr. Erwin Huebner was an exceptional undergraduate teacher, graduate student mentor, researcher and administrator. Erwin was head of the zoology department for 10 years, and played an instrumental role in the merger of zoology and botany departments to form the new department of Biological Sciences.

A developmental biologist specializing in the differentiation of egg cells using advanced microscopic, electrophysiological and molecular techniques, Erwin held career-long research funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and significantly contributed to the intellectual knowledge in his field through his published works.

His initiation of an international project to sequence the “kissing bug” genome has yielded ground-breaking insights into that bug’s role in disease transmission. Many of his graduate trainees have established their own academic and research careers -- carrying on Erwin’s legacy.

Dr. Huebner has contributed to the greater community and served in various executive roles with the Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs, and in 2008, the Council awarded him a Career Achievement Award.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Erwin Huebner the title of Professor Emeritus.

Richard Lobdell

(Vice-Provost Emeritus)

Dr. Richard Lobdell is a valued administrator and professor whose wisdom and insight have had an important and shaping influence on the University of Manitoba.

Richard joined the department of economics in 1972 and by 1982 was assuming a range of challenging and important administrative roles, beginning with associate dean of Arts. He also served as acting dean of Arts, acting head of several Arts’ departments, and the Canada director for the University of Botswana-University of Manitoba Link program. He served as Vice-Provost (Programs) for 15 years and, following completion of that role, he stepped in as college director and principal of the International College of Manitoba. Today, Dr. Lobdell’s deep and abiding counsel continues to be appreciated by the St. Paul’s College community where he holds office space.

Dr. Lobdell is an outstanding administrator, and while carrying a significant administrative workload throughout his career he continued to publish, present at conferences and share his sage administrative analyses through several commissioned research reports. He received the Peter D. Curry Chancellor’s Award for outstanding contributions to the development and/or governance of the University.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Richard Lobdell the title of Vice-Provost Emeritus.

David Alan McCrea

Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. David McCrea is world-renowned for his neurophysiology research, which has fundamentally changed our understanding of how spinal reflexes and cellular properties contribute to motor output. His work on mammalian locomotor pattern generation is also frequently cited in the field of two legged robot locomotion.

Incredibly, there are more than 6,500 citations to his work, and he has served on numerous national and international review panels.

He has been a principal member of the Spinal Cord Research Centre since its inception in 1987, and he served as its director from 2003 to 2016.

Dr. McCrea also distinguished himself as an exceptional mentor and educator and has repeatedly been recognized by teaching awards at the faculty and university level. Several of his trainees have successfully pursued academic research careers around the globe. In addition to his expertise as a teacher and researcher, he also serves as director of the pre-clerkship curriculum for undergraduate medical education.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. David McCrea the title of Professor Emeritus.

Nicole Michaud-Oystryk


Ms. Nicole Michaud-Oystryk has a record of distinguished service to both the University and the profession of librarianship. She served as head of the Elizabeth Dafoe Library for nearly 30 years.

Nicole’s career was marked by her continuous efforts to improve services to students and faculty. In 2012, she oversaw the complete transformation of the Elizabeth Dafoe Library commons area which included both the design and the enhancement of the service delivery model.

A skilled researcher, Nicole has a significant record of research and scholarly work, including a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada grant for a national survey project on the new roles of Canadian academic librarians.

She is a founding member of the Western Canadian Federation for the distribution of national and international data files and served on several library professional boards.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Ms. Nicole Michaud-Oystryk the title of Librarian Emerita.

Gregory Gerald Monks

Faculty of Arts

Dr. Gregory Monks has had a long and distinguished career in archaeological research. His work has focused on the pre-European peoples of the West Coast of Canada and how they integrated with their natural environment over time, and on the fur trade in Western Canada.

He gained an international reputation for his work in zooarchaeology, particularly seasonality estimation, climate change indicators, Indigenous whaling and Northern fur seal breeding distribution.

Locally, his contributions extend to archaeological excavations at Fort Dauphin, Lockport, Upper Fort Garry and The Forks and to developing strong community-based research collaborations with Peguis and Grassy Narrows First Nations.

Although retired, Dr. Monks enthusiastically continues to remain active and engaged in archaeological research.

Greg has also made valuable administrative contributions serving as associate head and department head for 15 years, as well as overseeing the development of the department’s laboratory facilities.

His teaching and mentorship of undergraduate and graduate students has produced graduates who have succeeded in academia and applied careers locally and across the country.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Gregory Monks the title of Professor Emeritus.

Hans Pasterkamp

Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

For 30 years, Dr. Hans Pasterkamp was an outstanding clinician in pediatric respirology and an academic leader and researcher for the department of pediatrics and child health. He served as head of the section of respirology for nearly two decades.

Dr. Pasterkamp’s research interests include the use of acoustic techniques for respiratory monitoring, lung health in First Nations’ children and cystic fibrosis. He has been involved in the application of electronic patient registries for benchmarking and quality improvement in clinical care.

He was an extraordinary clinician, teacher, mentor and is highly respected by faculty, trainees and healthcare professionals. His many awards include the Fifth George Polgar Visiting Professorship from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the Teddy Award of the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. He also received awards by the Health and Science Communications Association for computer aided instruction programs on lung and heart sounds. He has served on several professional boards including the Manitoba Pediatric Society, Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Canadian Thoracic Society and the European Respiratory Society.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Hans Pasterkamp the title of Professor Emeritus.

Ranganathan Padmanabhan

Faculty of Science

Dr. Ranganathan Padmanabhan has had a distinguished, four-decade career in the department of mathematics. He is internationally known for the discovery of several new identities and inference rules to strengthen the deduction capabilities of theorem-provers. His ability to combine several seemingly unrelated concepts has created new connections across disciplines.

Over the course of his career, he has published books, book chapters and refereed papers in the areas of equational logic, geometry and automated reasoning. He has presented his work across North America and continues to contribute to research in his retirement by publishing, supervising graduate students and participating in research projects.

Dr. Padmanabhan has long been interested in showing the beauty of mathematics to non-specialists, and in 1998 he created a course called Math in Art, which connects mathematics and visual arts. This course is still enjoyed by many, and his personal graphic designs can be seen throughout faculty publications.

Finally, his outreach contributions through the coordination of high school math workshops and various open house events were recognized with two University of Manitoba Outreach Awards.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Ranganathan the title of Professor Emeritus.

Dimos Polyzois

Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Dimos Polyzois is an internationally recognized leader in the areas of fiber-reinforced polymer pole and tower structures, cold-formed steel structures, light industrial steel buildings and Indigenous housing.

Throughout his distinguished 30-year career in civil engineering he was keenly interested in helping Northern communities, and much of his research has been in developing wind tower energy systems for remote communities, for which he has received a patent.

In recent years, Dr. Polyzois was exploring the use of new housing materials to improve the health of Indigenous people, and addressing structural engineering issues related to severe environmental conditions. These research contributions have direct practical applications and have led to improvements in North American design standards and safer housing for Indigenous people.

In addition to his research accomplishments, in 2018 he received the Faculty of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award. He has mentored graduate and undergraduate students and supported their involvement in national and international competitions.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Dimos Polyzois the title of Professor Emeritus.

Douglas Warren Ruth

Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Douglas Ruth has had a long and distinguished 30-year academic career at the University of Manitoba. He has excelled as a teacher, researcher and a leader; serving as department head, associate dean and dean in the Faculty of Engineering. He is widely recognized as an exceptional educator and a champion of design engineering.

Dr. Ruth has published on discovery-based learning – an innovative educational approach – and his teaching has been acknowledged with a University of Manitoba Merit Award.

He is a leading international researcher in the area of capillary pressure and relative permeability for petroleum reservoir rocks and his research achievements have been recognized with the Society of Core Analysts Technical Achievement Award. His creative work has brought great honour to the University and his professional achievements have been recognized as a Fellow by Engineers Canada, the Engineering Institute of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Engineering.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Douglas Ruth the title of Professor Emeritus.

Brent Allan Schacter

Max Rady College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr. Brent Schacter has made extraordinary contributions during his 46 years of service to the departments of internal medicine and section of hematology/oncology.

He has held a number of major national and international leadership roles over his career, including president and CEO of CancerCare Manitoba, CEO of the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies, co-chair of the steering committee of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control (CSCC) and an initial director of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC). In these roles he effectively advocated for the establishment of a Canadian Partnership Against Cancer between the federal and provincial ministry partners.

Dr. Schacter played a key role in the Canadian Tumour Repository Network, which launched the Canadian Tumour Biobank Certification Program, standardized operating procedures and practices for biobanks, which have been adopted globally. He also played a leadership role in the development of a diploma program for a new Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada qualification in Adolescents and Young Adults Oncology. The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Brent Schacter the title of Professor Emeritus.

Harvey Secter

OM (Chancellor Emeritus)

Dr. Harvey Secter is a friend and a champion of the University of Manitoba. He served an extraordinary three terms as Chancellor, providing sage advice and counsel to the executive team at the University and serving as an ambassador with alumni, friends and donors. He played a key role in the governance and progress of this institution.

Harvey was elected to the role of Chancellor after having served as with distinction as dean of the Faculty of Law for nine years, and as a leader in Winnipeg’s business community.

Harvey is a community volunteer, fundraiser and philanthropist, and he currently serves as honorary chair of Front and Centre, the University’s $500-million campaign.

He has made decades-long contributions to the Winnipeg community, with grace, respect and good humour as his hallmarks. He was recently named a member of the Order of Manitoba.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Harvey Secter the title of Chancellor Emeritus.

Myroslav Shkandrij

Faculty of Arts

A renowned scholar in Slavic studies and Ukrainian literature and culture, Dr. Myroslav Shkandrij has enjoyed a 34-year career at the University of Manitoba. He has also served in administrative roles for more than half of his tenure.

Dr. Shkandrij has published extensively on the Ukrainian avant-garde of the 1920s, Ukrainian and Russian literature and nationalism in the 20th and 21st centuries, Jews in Ukrainian literature, and Ukraine's revolutions and memory politics. His publications include monographs, art museum catalogues, books and journal articles and chapters in the most well-respected journals and collections in the field. His research has impacted public debates in the Canadian and international press, and he has been invited as keynote speaker for prestigious lectures across North America and Europe.

He is praised by his students for his ability to bring clarity to complex topics, and in 2010 he was honoured as Professor of the Year by the Faculty of Arts.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Myroslav Shkandrij the title of Professor Emeritus.

Mark D Whitmore

(Dean Emeritus)

Dr. Mark Whitmore was Dean of the Faculty of Science from 2004 to 2014, during which time he led a number of major initiatives that greatly benefited students and faculty at the University.

His leadership guided the faculty through the development of a new biological sciences department, the collaborative creation of the Manitoba Institute of Materials with the Faculty of Engineering, and the recovery work following the devastating Duff Roblin Building fire.

Indeed, Indigenous achievement and student success were hallmarks of Dr. Whitmore’s decanal accomplishments. The faculty saw a sharp rise in Indigenous student enrolment, doubled their endowment funds and established innovative learning opportunities for students at all levels.

Dr. Whitmore was always a passionate voice on university governance platforms and served on numerous national boards including the Canadian Council of Deans of Science, CANARIE, and led the University to participate in TRIUMF; Canada’s particle accelerator centre.

The University of Manitoba is honoured to confer upon Dr. Mark Whitmore the title of Dean Emeritus.